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GetClicky becomes GetSticky, Slow Performance

I already host the JS code with my own, but I can do nothing with the tracing part.

Check here

The GetClicky is much much slower than statcoutner.


Btw, place a link to forum on your homepage or every page footer, thanks.

Posted Thu Jul 8 2010 3:06p by dropshippers

Well that's definitely not typical. Try rerunning the test? It also depends where you are (or where this "test" is hosted from), but if you're in the US most connections to should take less than a second. Overseas, 1-2 seconds is more typical.

BTW, the data logged to is done asynchronously, which means it doesn't interfere with the loading of any other data on your site. You may still see "waiting for..." in your status bar, but it's not affecting anything (including your "onload" function, if you have one - that should still fire even if the connection to us hasn't completed yet).

Posted Thu Jul 8 2010 3:39p by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

No problems from Overseas. No complaints from our customers.


Posted Fri Jul 9 2010 2:51a by Leadbuilders

ok then, I just want to find a reason why my site is shown slow on Google Webmaster tool, it says my site slower than 87% of all websites and need 8 seconds to open. I even use akamai CDN and everything is fast, only your counter is the slowest.

Posted Fri Jul 9 2010 3:22a by dropshippers

Well you are based in New Zealand it looks like. I don't know if Google's web master tools processes from the nearest data center. Maybe their test is coming from the US as well.

I just did a test using the same tool you did and it shows taking just ~500ms total.

The test server I chose is in the US but on the opposite side of the country, so about 3000 miles away. I don't know what server you chose but I'm just saying, the servers themselves aren't slow, but New Zealand is about as far away as you could get from our tracking servers.

Posted Fri Jul 9 2010 10:27a by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

I've upgraded to vBulleting 4.0.5 and my members cannot edit posts, as hangs.

Based in the UK
URL is

Posted Sun Aug 1 2010 12:23p by Inzvestor-DELETED

Hey team, Don't you use CloudFlare as your CDN. Our hosting in based in Sydney and uses CloudFlare and the majority of our site users are Australian. For some reason it is literally taking 2 seconds to load assets between DNS and comms. Surely you guys can rectify this problem with a Southern Hemisphere server or CloudFlare?

Posted Sat Apr 25 2015 12:07a by naritas

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