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Cannot understand what this means

I have configured some campaigns in order to follow the google ads. Normally when a person comes through google ads there is money icon on the left and my campaign flag on the right. But in some cases i can see my campaing flag with no keywords or related money icon. Please see the link below

Posted Sun Jan 26 2014 4:16a by barantamer

The flag indicates the completion of a goal (e.g. the visit of a page, or a series of pages - called a funnel - that you have chosen to consider as meaningful for your tracking purposes). You can review what goals you have set up from your Clicky dashboard by going to Preferences -> Goals -> Setup.

The green money icon indicates traffic coming via an advertising campaign. Advertising visits are logged as referral traffic, and Clicky gives you as much information as it can regarding such visits; in this case, it shows you that the visitor came from Google Turkey and goes as far as telling you the search term for which your ad was displayed.

If traffic is direct (i.e. somebody types the URL in their browser address bar), the long field remains empty, as Clicky doesn't have any more useful information it could give you.

Posted Sun Jan 26 2014 5:51a by drkskwlkr

I have only one goal and it`s icon is the dollar icon. And the flag is my campaign`s icon. Please see the link

Posted Sun Jan 26 2014 6:36a by barantamer

There is something wrong with the campaign configurations.
What goes after ".html&gc..."? It looks like a gclid parameter, which Google attaches to each instance of an ad when it is clicked.
How do your AdWords URLs look like?

Posted Sun Jan 26 2014 10:14p by drkskwlkr

The html is

Which is the landing page for a specific campaing, is it wrong ?

Posted Sun Jan 26 2014 11:31p by barantamer

You shouldn't include ?gclid=* at all. This is a Google automated identifier used to track unique ad clicks.

There are several parameters that you can use in the URLs for your ads (Clicky picks them and allows you to use them in the Campaign reports). These are utm_source, utm_medium, utm_campaign, utm_term and utm_content. Have a look at the Google URL builder here:

If I had to do it, I would consider a properly formed URL with your example to look like the following:

This will track the traffic as coming from your Google AdWords account, via text ads in the SERPs, for the accupuncture coach you are advertising. Of course, you may employ different logic when tagging your ads but the most important thing is to be consistent.

Posted Mon Jan 27 2014 12:18a by drkskwlkr

I will construct the URL like this in my adwords campaign right ? And then clicky will understand that this is a google adwords campaign ? Will i have to do any configurations in my clicky account also ?

Posted Mon Jan 27 2014 7:50a by barantamer

Yes, if you construct the URLs you put in your AdWords account by using the Google URL builder or manually adding values for the utm_source, utm_medium and utm_campaign parameters, Clicky will automatically log the incoming traffic as "Advertisement" under the "Traffic Sources" in your sited ashboard, and will let you do segmentation based on these data. No extra configuration is necessary.

Posted Mon Jan 27 2014 9:24a by drkskwlkr

Thanks a lot

Posted Tue Jan 28 2014 12:27a by barantamer

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