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Same Web Site, 2 tracking scripts

I am trying to setup a two scripts one for logged in and one for public, on the same domain, is there a way to alias the site name so I can tell them apart on my site page ?

any help would be appreciated


Posted Mon May 5 2014 8:05a by sarreidltd

The basic tracking code is based around your site id. What I believe you're wanting to do is not possible, e.g. load a different script if the user is logged in user VS. a guest. Especially if a guest can access the same URLs as a logged in user.

If you're interested in seeing what a logged in user does, I would suggest looking at Clicky's tagging under your site's Preferences -> Visitor tags & filters. This way you can actually name all your visitors too and see what they are doing. To do this dynamically with your user system it will take some development on your side but seems to be the answer you're looking for. Just FYI, there are some restrictions around how many tags you can add depending on your subscription w/ Clicky.

Posted Mon May 5 2014 8:42a by ringo64

I have setup 2 scripts for the same site, and I am testing to see if the user is logged in already, because it is on the same domain, I cannot tell if I am looking at the logged in user or a public user. would I use the same process listed above ?

Posted Mon May 5 2014 8:52a by sarreidltd

How did you setup these two scripts? Kind of confused what you mean by this...

Posted Mon May 5 2014 11:12a by ringo64

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