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This is a general question as I am curious. My blog gets about 50 spam comments per day. They do not particularly bother me as ASKISMET seems to grab them and put them in the the spam folder. What I am curious about is how are these comments being entered in the first place as my Clicky stats show none of this traffic. Somehow it is getting auto posted without even coming to my site? Any ideas?

Posted Sat Feb 12 2011 5:05p by skiges

Bots often don't execute Javascript or download images (the 2 methods Clicky uses to track users). It's also possible that the bots are just hitting a POST URL on your site to post the comments. Are you using built-in Wordpress commenting or a plugin like Disqus?

Posted Sun Feb 13 2011 3:47a by houst29476-DELETED

Get a plugin like "Cookies for Comments" to reduce this problem.

Posted Sun Feb 13 2011 10:16a by serenexity

Thanks for the replies!

Posted Sun Feb 13 2011 10:27a by skiges

I use GASP for bots, it keeps all the bots away and all the spam that does come through is made by real people leaving spammy comments

Posted Fri Sep 2 2011 11:01a by Brankica

Forum Bots Is Proving Your Status Behind all spam

Posted Sat Jan 21 2012 3:20a by seobyindia

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Cookies for Comments plugin reduce spam, try it.

Posted Sun Oct 7 2012 7:55a by gnorimies

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