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F U Bluehost

That is all.

Posted Thu Apr 17 2014 5:48a by ajm1976

did the outage impact clicky at all?

Posted Thu Apr 17 2014 1:24p by loadedcommerce

Why would a Bluehost outage impact Clicky?

Posted Thu Apr 17 2014 2:52p by ajm1976

I never agreed with a forum topic as I do this one...

Posted Sat Apr 19 2014 5:32p by superiortradelines

When Bluehost has an outage, they do it with gusto.

Anyway, just in case one is hosting with Bluehost and hasn't checked their email in a while, you should have this in your inbox:

From Bluehost:
"In response to this issue and to recognize your patience and support, we’re offering to credit your VPS or dedicated server account with one month of free hosting service. Simply call this number to claim your credit and our billing team will activate it.
+1 (888) 401-4678

Press 4 for ‘Billing’
This credit is available until April 25th. Please take advantage of it!"

Yes, please do.

No idea if they're extending this to Shared or Reseller accounts. And if they're not, I highly recommend throwing a gargantuan fit.

Posted Sun Apr 20 2014 4:38a by ajm1976

And I highly recommend moving away from Bluehost/HostGator/HostMonster since they're all part of the same company. These outages have been happening too frequently for such a huge company that has people depending on their services.

Posted Mon Apr 21 2014 3:41a by ruadork

I couldn't agree more.

Point 1:

Point 2:

Point 3:

Posted Tue Apr 22 2014 7:27a by nfinityweb

^ lololololol

Posted Thu Apr 24 2014 5:12a by ajm1976


Posted Thu Apr 24 2014 5:59a by ucare-DELETED

I just used bluehost for the first time in 15 years of doing this kind of stuff. So far Im really happy with their speed and support but I might have just gotten lucky. In not important stuff Im just trying them out

Posted Fri Apr 25 2014 9:48a by Slander

Zero issues with Hostgator

Posted Tue Jul 22 2014 1:59a by dreamfx

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