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On-Site Analytics and Heatmaps on free trial account?

Hi, Are the on-site and heatmaps features available during the free trial. I'm trying to figure out if they are not working because I haven't upgraded my account yet. Thanks, Scott

Posted Wed May 20 2015 10:16am by scottweisman

On-Site should be, I am not sure about heatmaps.

Posted Wed May 20 2015 10:40am by ringo64

On-site doesn't seem to be working for me.

Posted Wed May 20 2015 12:44pm by scottweisman

Are you logged in to Clicky and your website in the same browser?

Posted Wed May 20 2015 2:39pm by ringo64

This is working now. Just took a few hours to appear after activating.

Posted Thu May 21 2015 11:27am by scottweisman

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