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Referral Spammers, - Please stop

Can Clicky team do something about it to stop to show logs from them?

Posted Sun Apr 12 2015 2:41am by alaind


Posted Sun Apr 12 2015 4:37am by rendesr

I also find semalt referrals very annoying and irrelevant.

Posted Sun Apr 12 2015 5:02am by Lanber

I'm not seeing any referral spam logged with Clicky. Google Analytics, yes, as they abuse the javascript and the google tracking ID.

Posted Sun Apr 12 2015 6:51am by rhoekman-DELETED

Hey folks, Clicky can do something to not show them up in your analytics but that still doesn't mean they will eat your server resources. Best idea is to ban them using .htaccess Read this - Hope this helps

Posted Sun Apr 12 2015 12:05pm by reviewzap

Hi, how could we know what IP address to ban if we wanted to ban sites like that?

Posted Sun Apr 12 2015 1:04pm by sweetwaterpost

Never mind, just read the article. Thanks for sharing!

Posted Sun Apr 12 2015 1:11pm by sweetwaterpost

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