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Is Clicky still actively maintained?

There's a lot of activity on this forum, but the product creators do not seem to participate in the conversation. Nor do they respond to support emails. Is Clicky still moving forward? Or is it a thing of the past?

Posted Mon Sep 21 2015 7:38a by hmaisdev

Support chimes in occasionally on the forum, and occasionally someone notes that a support request was not getting responded to, but Clicky is still a thing. I'd imagine your support email will get a response eventually, or you can try again.

Posted Mon Sep 21 2015 12:17p by joelkehler

Whenever I contact Clicky, I get a rather fast reply.

Posted Mon Sep 21 2015 2:19p by ruadork

I've had some questions answered right away, and others completely ignored. I think they are judging the questions and deeming some unworthy of response.

Posted Mon Sep 21 2015 3:22p by acress

We don't participate much in the forums but when you go to post a new thread, at the top it says in a huge red box "If you need a guaranteed and timely reply from the Clicky team, please email us", with a link to our contact page. We have a few customers who are pretty dedicated about helping out though and they alwyas alert us if there's a "major" issue be discussed in the forums so we can react.

And we reply to every single email we get. Occasionally emails hit our spam filter so we don't see them. I imagine the same thing happens with our replies sometimes.

Posted Sat Jan 30 2016 10:07a by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

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