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clicky.log - what href do we give for testing our code

We are planning to use clicky.log to track when users are clicking on certain links. It is not clear to me what 'href' is referred to in your API - is it the href of the url that we want to track from (so we have different urls for our test, stage and production environments,) how do we track that or is the href of the hostname we have put on our account preferences for Clicky account?

Here's what we would like to do:
1. be able to test the tracking in our QA, stage environments (which may have a different URL) before putting it on production.
2. We would like to be able to track users by the URL they are coming from - so if they login to our stage environment, we want to track that they came from stage vs if the come from our production environment, we want to track that they were coming from production.

Please let us know. we would like to get this tested asap.

Thank You!

Posted Wed Aug 8 2012 4:01p by iasdispatchanalytics

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