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Big Screen - how does it measure "online users"

What is the criteria that defines if a user is considered "online" in the "Big Screen" view...?


Posted Mon Jul 1 2013 7:15a by cf__pmsteil

Same as the rest of Clicky. Our tracking code pings for up to 10 minutes while a visitor is idle on a page. As long as we've "heard from" the visitor in the last 2 minutes, we consider them online.

Posted Wed Jul 3 2013 11:14a by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

Hello, can you help define this better I was reading about Session Timeout and last event or "heard from" and confused on differences.

So if pinging is set at 10 minutes, and the user is busy browsing on another tab, you ping them 10 minutes after their last action that is registered on your servers correct? IF the browser is closed then Session/time on page is over. But if they are still there "reading", and no events take place then is that considered "time on page"?

If they go beyond the 2 minutes you state above ("heard from/ event fired" then you close the session? But why bother pinning them, if this 2 minutes threshold is reached.

I guess a good sample scenario is, they clicked to another internal page by link at time 1:00 Minute. They read for 4 minutes, only scrolling and pop over to a new tab (website) and stayed for 30 minutes and came back to clicky site. What will final time On website for session 1 be?

Is going to another tab, is that registered as an exit? I would think not because the Clicky page is still open on another page.


Posted Tue Feb 14 2017 2:47p by snaplitics

Clarification > That 2nd tab was ALREADY open by the user when they went to the 2nd website.

Posted Tue Feb 14 2017 2:49p by snaplitics

Hello Any ideas on this please??

Posted Thu Feb 23 2017 3:21p by snaplitics

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