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You guys charge me over a $100 dollars and show ads?

Posted Thu Nov 10 2016 11:13pm by 430006435

If you are using your paid account then you should not have ads...

Posted Fri Nov 11 2016 5:06am by ringo64

Paid user here - I am not seeing any ads.

Posted Fri Nov 11 2016 7:06am by currentdynamicsx

Same here - been using Clicky Pro for 7+ years, haven't seen a single ad.

Posted Fri Nov 11 2016 7:26am by drkskwlkr

I just want to see

Posted Tue Nov 15 2016 4:23am by basitbhatti

Never saw an ad. Not spending even $100. Happy clicky user.

Posted Fri Nov 25 2016 6:05am by reviewzap

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