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WordPress Plugin based on Clicky API

Hello all,

yesterday I released a pretty basic WordPress Plugin called Clicky Popular Posts Widget ( It will let users show their most viewed items in a handy sidebar widget.

I was wondering if you maybe want to feature it in a short blog post or something?

I would also appreciate any feedback anyone has concerning the plugin!

Thanks you guys!

Posted Fri Sep 30 2011 2:49a by kobenland

Bless you, and perfect timing! I used to have a GA plugin like this, and really missed it after switching to Clicky recently, because most "popular post" plugins show the most commented posts, which is very different on some of my sites.

Your plugin works great! I can't think of any specific feedback - it did exactly what I wanted. :)

Posted Fri Sep 30 2011 12:30p by meronoid

Amazing plugin, kobenland, it works like a charm.

Thanks for implementing this idea!

Posted Sat Oct 1 2011 3:21a by MikelPerez

Well... I tweeted a link to it. Nice work!

Posted Mon Oct 3 2011 11:20a by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

Thank you, Friendly Clicky Admin! :)

And of course thanks for the feedback!

Posted Tue Oct 4 2011 8:33a by kobenland

Posted Mon Oct 31 2011 5:07p by

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