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Setting up a reverse proxy

In case anyone else will find this useful, here's my experience setting up a rev…
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Latest: Mar 27 2024 3:22p

Cannot view website correctly in android browser

App is Samsung Internet, default app on Samsung devices. I cannot scroll side…
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Latest: Mar 30 2022 5:23a

How to add clicky to your DNN website.

There is no DNN module to add Clicky to your DNN site, but you can easily do i…
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Latest: Feb 4 2022 8:45a

NUXT.JS plugin

Hello, is there any plugin for nuxt.js? Than you.
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Latest: Aug 3 2021 12:12p

Cargo Collective

Hi, I am in the process of setting up a Cargo Collective site. I want a notic…
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Latest: May 20 2021 7:37p

Create new site with API

Is there a way I can create a new site by using the API? Maybe I'm blind, but I …
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Latest: Mar 12 2021 2:38p

API: Getting Current Visitors-Online AND Yesterd…

I want to get both pieces of data in one url, but can't get it to work. When…
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Latest: May 3 2017 12:18p

Joomla extension producing error "Data column…

Hello, I am currently testing Clicky in combination with the most current Joom…
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Latest: Apr 25 2017 12:26a

Visitors-List total_visits…
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Latest: Mar 23 2017 7:44a

Uptime notification using

Hi everyone, I just wanted to let you know I just finished a small node.j…
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Latest: Feb 5 2017 4:45p

Issue with API

I have an API request which runs every morning, and has done for over a year w…
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Latest: Dec 9 2016 12:17a

Offline tracking

I would like to start a public discussion about offline tracking for mobile apps…
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Latest: Nov 8 2016 12:29a


Hi I am trying to extract visitors list and actions list through API. I am…
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Latest: Aug 4 2016 2:14a

Log goals or actions?

On my site, a user needs to complete a set of steps in order to convert (suc…
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Latest: Jul 25 2016 9:16a

Custom Report Development

Hi, We are looking for a way to combine each of the sites into a si…
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Latest: Apr 8 2016 9:24p

Pages — percentage increase or decrease no…

On the main Clicky dashboard, page data ("Content") includes a percent…
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Latest: Jan 21 2016 12:38p

API Request Limits and Visitor List Requests

I have been trying to download the visitor list stats on a day by day basis but …
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Latest: Nov 20 2015 2:33a

Embedded Text Qualifiers in CSV Files

I encountered an issue where double quotes inside a CSV field were escaped by a …
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Latest: Sep 22 2015 9:39a

Tracking Image Email

Hi, I want to add a tracking id to an image in an e-mail. The reaso…
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Latest: Sep 11 2015 6:45p

Multiple months

I'm trying to return several months of data, separated by month. This …
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Latest: Aug 30 2015 9:36a

meteor js

Hi, Has anyone used clicky for meteor (https://www.meteor.c…
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Latest: Aug 2 2015 7:55p

Click Tracking Script

I'm building a simple redirect / split test system where each of my (outgo…
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Latest: Jul 5 2015 10:50a

Clicky Analytics for Koken CMS

I just finished a Clicky plugin for Koken CMS. It is very basic, le…
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Latest: Jun 25 2015 10:54a

Report on visitor paths

I'm trying to find the best way to accomplish a custom report like follows…
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Latest: Mar 26 2015 9:09a

Get Current Data

I know how to send current data TO clicky for logging - but I'm wondering if i…
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Latest: Mar 19 2015 2:54p

Date range for visitors-list type

Hello, So far working with the API has been pretty intuitive. Howev…
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Latest: Mar 3 2015 8:21a

A Python example of how to get a JSON value from t…

I'm learning Python and used the Clicky API as a small project to get todays v…
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Latest: Jan 22 2015 4:05a

Local Url Access

How to give a local url in the url field?
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Latest: Dec 4 2014 5:06a

Export Data to Excel

I need to have a simple spreadsheet with a column with information from visits t…
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Latest: Dec 2 2014 11:42a

Sample PHP Code

I have been using the csv files, but its clear I need to move beyond that. …
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Latest: Nov 23 2014 3:06p

track and list a merge tag from mailchimp

Hello, I was wondering how I can achieve the following. I have…
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Latest: Sep 3 2014 6:41a

Multiple Split tests

Hi, I would like to track two separate split tests on one page.…
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Latest: Aug 23 2014 2:52a

Tracking an event that takes place on another site

Our use case requires logging an event that occurs on a different domain than th…
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Latest: Jul 29 2014 10:32a

Tracking redirecting landing pages

I have a URL on my page of type, which redire…
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Latest: Jul 10 2014 3:20a

Manual goal logging and preventDefault()

If we have a JS form handler that uses preventDefault on the form submission …
4 replies
Latest: Jun 24 2014 2:05p

Filter actions-list by multiple sessions ids

Hello, Would it be possible to filter actions-list by multiple sess…
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Latest: Feb 7 2014 1:01p

API Request from All Sites

Hi, Is there way to combine all the site IDs and site keys (maybe…
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Latest: Feb 3 2014 1:10p

Logging old Goals

Hi, I'm trying to log a goal against a session from yesterday via…
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Latest: Feb 3 2014 4:01a

triggering clicky after custom variables changed i…

Hi - I use bootstrap tabs on my page. I would like to update the clicky custom …
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Latest: Dec 2 2013 8:12a

Clicky with BigCommerce

Has anyone used Clicky with Bigcommerce? How did you do it? (There's n…
2 replies
Latest: Nov 27 2013 8:10p

Using PHP to grab Unique ID of visitors

Hello, I am using clicky on a wordpress site utilizing the Yoast Cl…
13 replies
Latest: Oct 28 2013 4:06p

Empty API Responses

When calling the API, I occasionally receive empty responses. I get a 200 res…
2 replies
Latest: Oct 23 2013 7:56p

Analytics for Clicky - Mac Menu Bar App

Hey guys, I just wanted to let you know I just finished creating a …
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Latest: Aug 28 2013 3:05p

Page views per page with API

I know this should be simple, but didn't see a way to do it from the documen…
7 replies
Latest: Jun 4 2013 9:06a

is there a way to get visitors for a specific page…

Hi, I was wondering if we can get the number of visitors or visitor…
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Latest: May 10 2013 12:33p

Getting pageviews for a page rather than just visi…

In the following API call:…
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Latest: May 3 2013 11:56a

events not showing up..

So I am trying to log a js event and I do see the request being sent on that cli…
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Latest: May 2 2013 4:12p

Simple Python interface for Clicky API

Finally, an easy to use yet powerful analytics API! Very glad I found Clicky…
3 replies
Latest: Apr 15 2013 12:14p

Logging goals on multiple sites

Hi, we are tracking stats across 2 sites for certain pages and also using cust…
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Latest: Mar 25 2013 7:05p

Getting filtered data

Hi, I have a question about calling the API for data. When using the clicky UI…
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Latest: Mar 19 2013 3:12p

Looking for someone who can setup tracking for us

Hi All, This is a paying job! I'm looking for someone who can s…
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Latest: Mar 7 2013 6:27p

API won't return today's data

Hi, I'm not able to access data via the API for today, only yes…
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Latest: Mar 5 2013 8:56a

Curl Issues

Hi All, I am trying to log events using curl. We have a …
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Latest: Feb 26 2013 9:40p

Using Clicky from a Chrome Extension

When I try to use the Clicky embed code inside a Chrome extension, I get the f…
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Latest: Feb 7 2013 3:08p

Getting clicky to work with SnapEngage Events

I have gotten adwords conversion pixel to work but I can't get clicky goals to…
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Latest: Jan 31 2013 1:57p

visit my website and give your valuable suggestion…

visit my website give your valuable suggesti…
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Latest: Jan 25 2013 4:36p

Check if a user is new

Is there a way I can, using AJAX from the browser to my server then a REST/A…
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Latest: Dec 19 2012 4:43p

API 'href' param not working exactly

So I'm using the API to track a couple events that I'm logging using javascr…
2 replies
Latest: Dec 17 2012 2:56p

API limits

We want to call API to get session_id for particular user before we log subseque…
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Latest: Dec 3 2012 11:22a

Multiple Negative Filters

I am trying to filter out certain searches from the searches type([secure se…
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Latest: Nov 14 2012 7:21a

Is there any way to get tweets include through API…

When calling API to get Twitter brand monitor result, how can I get all tweets…
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Latest: Nov 14 2012 1:59a

Solution to 'most popular' request!

I have seen a few requests for a way to extract the most popular visitors number…
4 replies
Latest: Nov 11 2012 7:04a

Get the actions of a specific href

Hi I'm using this guide…
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Latest: Oct 24 2012 6:32p

API call

My supervisor wants me to take screenshots of historical data for our (maybe 2…
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Latest: Oct 10 2012 4:48a

Dynamic Goals through PHP

Hello, I would like to know if Clicky's API would allow to use dy…
1 replies
Latest: Oct 9 2012 7:53p

Goals via PHP postback

Hi, I have some pages which I'm running dynamic split tests on. I…
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Latest: Sep 17 2012 12:53a

links-outbound by item

is there any similiar query like this one for outbound links? &ty…
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Latest: Sep 11 2012 1:23p

Calling Page URLS and Keywords

Does anyone know if it is possible (and can actually provide an example code…
1 replies
Latest: Aug 30 2012 2:36a

ClickyChrome - A Chrome extension for Clicky

Hey everyone, I just published a Chrome extension for monitoring yo…
26 replies
Latest: Aug 3 2012 4:38p

Facebook Page

This is my Facebook Page
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Latest: Aug 3 2012 3:09p

Goals: via API?

Would it be possible to complete a goal via the API?
8 replies
Latest: Jul 31 2012 7:26a

.NET API Wrapper

I can't find a reference anywhere on the forums for a .NET wrapper for the API…
3 replies
Latest: Jul 16 2012 10:41a

"406 Not Acceptable" when calling Stats API

I'm calling the Stats API using the RestSharp library for C#. The URL I'm…
2 replies
Latest: Jul 12 2012 3:06p

Is there a delay for manually added goals showing …

I'm going back and manually adding goals to sessions from the past couple mont…
2 replies
Latest: Jul 11 2012 1:22p

Syntax for API

I am a little rusty on my clicky. Can you tell me the syntax to retri…
10 replies
Latest: Jun 15 2012 4:36a

Something has changed

In debugging a new program I received an error. I went back and ran an old progr…
5 replies
Latest: Jun 15 2012 4:32a

Invalid JSON output

Hello. I just started using the Clicky API. I'm attempting to pars…
7 replies
Latest: Jun 15 2012 4:29a

Android SDK for app usage tracking

Hello All, I would like to use to track my app's day-to-d…
4 replies
Latest: Jun 15 2012 3:43a

How to get Email alert with Site path when Goal is…

Hi everyone, First of all, I'm glad I found a software like Cli…
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Latest: Jun 5 2012 2:49a

API Filter for single page

I am trying to get visits for a single page and it is not working. I see answer…
1 replies
Latest: May 9 2012 2:16a

API Parsing Error

I sometimes get this error when I try to call the searches api. XML P…
4 replies
Latest: Apr 17 2012 9a

Retrieving stats for all sites under a single acco…

Is there a way to retrieve simple stats (visits, goals, etc.) in one API…
3 replies
Latest: Apr 11 2012 11:27a

request new unique id/user session when differen…

whenever a new user logs into our system on the same pc, clicky still sees tha…
2 replies
Latest: Mar 23 2012 10:41a

uploading the clicky_custom.sessiom

Hello. I'm updating the drupal's module (http://drupal.or…
4 replies
Latest: Mar 19 2012 12:23a

API and filtering hostnames

Is it possible to specify a wildcard search on hostnames? I am tryi…
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Latest: Mar 18 2012 2p

What to as URL and type for audio previews

On I've made it possible to liste…
4 replies
Latest: Mar 7 2012 3:45p

Spy and API

Does GetClicky support the SPY as an API? Looking at creating somet…
1 replies
Latest: Mar 5 2012 5:44a

Video Tracking

Our site is treaming videos from Can the…
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Latest: Mar 3 2012 5:25a

Ruby wrapper for Getclicky API Analytics

Hello everyone, Today i threw a gem for use Analytics API. Still in…
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Latest: Mar 1 2012 9:18p

nuevo player

hello could the support or any developper can help creating javascript to tra…
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Latest: Feb 17 2012 11:55a

Anyone else using the API?

Hello all devs out there, Is anyone else building or have built ont…
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Latest: Feb 11 2012 8:26a

facebook app

Is it possible to use clicky on facebook application?
3 replies
Latest: Feb 10 2012 5:55p


Is there a SDK to track actions from an iPhone app with clicky? I know google …
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Latest: Feb 5 2012 12:33p


Has anyone tried to connect the GeckoBoard dashboard widget to GetClicky…
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Latest: Jan 30 2012 11:21a

[API] is there a way to get visitors on a cert…

Is there a way to get the number of visitors on certain sub domains with the API…
3 replies
Latest: Jan 12 2012 12:01p

HTTP Request Failed

Disclaimer: I'm attempting to download data for a higher-traffic site (I n…
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Latest: Jan 9 2012 2:50p

Missing UID in CSV output?

Hi there, I am using the Clicky API to download the visitors-list a…
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Latest: Jan 3 2012 3:45p

Number of visits for a visitor

Hi, On the Visitor Detail view there is a field called "Visits…
5 replies
Latest: Jan 2 2012 2:40a

Dynamic goals get tracked only once per user

Hi, we developed a pretty unique interactive HTML5 music video and we just sta…
3 replies
Latest: Nov 28 2011 8:56a

Getclicky don't show user's name

Hello we are using this code to know about our users: var clicky_cu…
2 replies
Latest: Nov 22 2011 10:56a