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API Request Limits and Visitor List Requests

I have been trying to download the visitor list stats on a day by day basis but it times out.

I only ever download this once and then its on my SQL Server to play with.

I am using the following example api script …

I have been using this script for the last couple of years without any real issues until now.

I have read the important message on

One thing that worries me is that there is a limited of 1000 items for visitors-list stats.

My question is 'How do I download a days worth visitors-list results if I have more than 1000 visitors' ?

What api script settings do I use?

On an aside I don't understand why I have not been having this problem up until now given that I have had many days when my site has more than 1000 visitors.

Any help will be appreciated.



PS I did also look at the blog entry and the user responses.

My ideas include

- having enhanced 'out of hours' api limits.That obviously assumes there might be a time in the day when there is less traffic... maybe not if your customer base is global.

- The other idea I saw from a customer was having a monthly limits and grading api behaviour.

- Requesting the data in a csv file and getting it created in the next 24 hours. A bit like when you want to download PayPal transaction history.

Posted Fri Nov 20 2015 2:33a by willstan***

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