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Get the actions of a specific href

Hi I'm using this guide

And the PHP example specifically to log some actions such as pageview, outbound, and etc... using the given php example:

$href = urlencode("/some/page");
$title = urlencode("Some title");
$ref = urlencode( $_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER'] );
$ua = urlencode( $_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT'] );


My data is being sent and stored on clicky successfully and I can see it when I log into this website.

I'm now interested in getting the stats from the API for a specific href

Let's say the href I'm interested in is /d/3232323

I've managed to get some data using this url

So I wanna be able get actions broken down for months, years, days, and date ranges.

How do I do that?

Any help is appreciated

Posted Tue Oct 23 2012 2:31p by rick_***

To get the data for a specific URL, do this:


(Same would apply to searches or other data types, e.g. type=searches&item=some+seach)

Then you'll need to tack on the date ranges you want returned. You'll need to make a request for each unique date or date range you want, e.g. if you want per month you'll need to make a request for each month separately. The only exception here is for daily data, if you do e.g. date=2012-10-01,2012-10-24&daily=1, it will return the data for that date range, broken down by day. On our web site we do support weekly/monthly date requests but it doesn't work in the API.

Posted Wed Oct 24 2012 6:32p by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

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