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Is there a delay for manually added goals showing up in the stats API?

I'm going back and manually adding goals to sessions from the past couple months. I sent my first request through today using the internal scripts API, and got a 200 response back, so I assume that everything went fine.

When I'm checking the visitor list for that session id, I'm not seeing any goals. Is there a delay for this? How long should I expect to wait until seeing these show up in the stats API results?

Here's the URL I'm checking to see if the goals element is showing up, if that helps....[my site key]&type=visitors-list&session_id=358196360

Posted Tue Jul 10 2012 11:25a by thinkz***

This is the URL I submitted my request to to log the goal. It was a GET request.[my site key]&session_id=358196360&type=goal&goal%5Bid%5D=2058&goal%5Brevenue%5D=2.00

Posted Tue Jul 10 2012 11:25a by thinkz***

Just an update for anyone who happens upon this...

1.) No, there is not a delay.

2.) You need to use the sitekey_admin parameter and NOT the sitekey parameter like I was doing.

3.) The support guys here are awesome and very nice in explaining my mistake even though I should have RTFM.

4.) The lesson, as always: I'm stupid.

Posted Wed Jul 11 2012 1:22p by thinkz***

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