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Android SDK for app usage tracking

Hello All,
I would like to use to track my app's day-to-day usage.
Is anyone aware of an Android SDK for
Any suggestions on how to get started writing one?


Posted Thu May 19 2011 1:39p by gnage***

Looks like I can expand on the PHP script here ( to create the SDK I am looking for.


Posted Thu May 19 2011 1:40p by gnage***

We're not designed for app usage. I'd recommend checking out instead, they have an SDK for Android and are more designed for this type of tracking.

Posted Thu May 19 2011 2:52p by Your Friendly Clicky Admin


I have created one app for this purpose. Do try it out! It is available at


Posted Thu Aug 25 2011 3:38a by agrvaib***

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