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.NET API Wrapper

I can't find a reference anywhere on the forums for a .NET wrapper for the API, so it's likely that such a thing does not yet exist. But I thought I'd ask just in case somebody has already done this. So - anybody out there built a wrapper for use in .NET?

Posted Fri Nov 26 2010 10:27a by mbsports***

Not that I've heard of.

Posted Sun Nov 28 2010 12:25p by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

There isn't one - at least, not that I could find. I knocked up a really simple class to parse the XML file (after generating an XSD from a few I downloaded) in about 10 minutes.

Let me know if you need any help :)

Posted Wed Dec 1 2010 7:30a by wildfiresof***

2 years later .. anyone have a .net wrapper?

Posted Mon Jul 16 2012 10:41a by SimpleT***

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