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ClickyChrome - A Chrome extension for Clicky

Hey everyone,

I just published a Chrome extension for monitoring your Clicky sites - ClickyChrome.

Here is the extension page:

- Add as many of your Clicky sites as you want, all you need is the Site ID and Key to monitor them with ClickyChrome.

- The ClickyChrome toolbar icon will automatically refresh and always show the number of current visitors on the selected site, with smart abbreviations for large numbers: 1.3K, 12K, etc.

- Quickly view basic site stats for various date ranges: Today, Yesterday, Last 7 Days, Last 30 Days.

- All site info is stored on your computer. I don’t have access to anything you do with this extension once you install it.

Clicky Admins: I hope you approve of my use of your logo and branding - I tried to keep everything consistent with Clicky's look and feel. If this is a problem, let me know - cnanney at gmail.

Everyone: Please try it out and let me know any issues you run into. I plan to keep working on it and add new features, maybe a visitors and content overview.

Posted Sun Mar 14 2010 6:18p by cnann***

That is awesome. Nice work. I just tweeted it and will probably blog about it too.

BTW, we have an API that lets you get all of a users sites with one request, but it requires their username and password. I'm not sure many people would feel comfortable giving that out to a third party extension, but it may be an option to consider because it would be a lot quicker for someone to setup. The API is simple:

You can also output PHP:

I guess we should probably implement oauth for things like this.

Posted Sun Mar 14 2010 6:53p by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

Just curious, how often does it refresh? I was wondering what the little number badge meant but it looks like it's visitors online now? Nice idea. Just curious how often it's hitting the API.

Posted Sun Mar 14 2010 6:57p by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

I'm glad you like it! The number badge was the original reason I made the extension - so I can see the online count without needing to keep a window open. I added the stats overview because it seemed kinda lame to have an extension that didn't do anything when you clicked on the icon :)

The online count is currently refreshed every minute.

Posted Sun Mar 14 2010 7:04p by cnann***

Is it possible for such an add-on to be in Safari?

Posted Sun Mar 14 2010 7:16p by hectorl***

Very good, now do not need to be open with the Spy to see how many users have online!

Thanks to all team!

Posted Sun Mar 14 2010 7:21p by roviei***

I just wrote a blog about this.

Posted Sun Mar 14 2010 10:18p by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

*blog post

Posted Sun Mar 14 2010 10:19p by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

I've never used Safari (Windows guy here), so don't know anything about its add-on/plugin system. However, it was pretty painless making the extension for Chrome - it's all just HTML and Javascript.

Thanks for trying it out, glad you like it!

Great - thanks for the blog post, I hope it gets some users and I can get some good feedback! About the API - I almost asked about being able to retrieve all the sites in one fell swoop. Maybe in the future there can be an option on first-run: enter username and password to import all your sites, or just manually enter the ones you want.

Also, I posted a few weeks ago about the API geolocation options - specifically regarding ISO country codes... it was for this extension. I'd eventually like to have a three-tab layout for basics, visitors, and content. For the visitors area, if I have a folder of country map gifs named according to their country code, there was no easy way to match up the current location info from the API to the map graphic - without splitting strings and keeping a big array that matches 'The Netherlands' to 'nl.gif'. If you are planning on adding that info to the API, so that I can just pull down a country code of 'nl' for that visitor... awesome.

Then, when 'Today' is selected as the date range, the visitors tab would show you info on last 10 visitors, with the same info as Clicky's visitor tab, with links to take you to details on the main site, and other date selections would just list most active for that time frame - same gist for content.

But, just having basic info was a good simple starting point to get it out the door :)

Posted Sun Mar 14 2010 10:55p by cnann***

Yo, I just added a country_code field for visitors-list, so you should be able to do that now.

Also, would it be possible to detect when a user is "idle" (e.g. haven't touched their browser for 10 minutes), then disable the "visitors online now" lookup until they start using their browser again? This extension seems quite popular and is sending a ton of hits to our API. Right now it's fine but I imagine it will keep growing very fast.

Posted Mon Mar 15 2010 9:22a by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

If that's not possible, I would prefer if you scaled back the lookup to every 2 minutes instead.

Posted Mon Mar 15 2010 9:26a by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

Sweet - thanks for adding the country code. I'll see if it's possible to determine idle state from an extension - if not, I'll make it 2 minutes. I was also going to add the option of changing the notification badge color, and see what other feedback I get this week and push out an update in a few days.

Posted Mon Mar 15 2010 10:08a by cnann***

Also, I forgot to add the 'app=clickychrome' parameter to the API calls - I'll take care of that in the next update.

Posted Mon Mar 15 2010 3:56p by cnann***

Idle timeouts would be really great. I would think they would have that built in. Because you know there are tons of people who leave their browser open 24/7 - me, for example.

Your plugin has been a hit. Our blog post on it got the most "first day" page views of any of our blog posts ever, so people are really into it.

Posted Tue Mar 16 2010 1:35a by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

That's great news! How has the API been handling the traffic? I've just made and am finishing up testing idle timeout functionality. There currently is no way to determine browser idle state from an extension, here's a bug report about it:

To monitor idle state, LastPass needed to make and host themselves an alternate binary type plugin that when you install, warns that it will have access to your entire computer. Regular Google-hosted extensions don't have that type of functionality.

But, there are event listeners for tab activity, which is pretty good substitute for determining if the browser is idle. ClickyChrome will listen for both changes in active tab, and the current tab state, to determine idle time. As long as people are actively using their browser, their refresh rate will be 1 minute, but there is a gradual decline that takes it to 2, 5, 10 minutes, to eventually totally idle and not refreshing if the browser has been inactive for over 2 hours.

As soon as you change tabs, load or refresh a page, or click on the ClickyChrome icon, it snaps back and resets the idle timer.

There are a few other little things to do, and I hope to push the update tomorrow.

Also - is anyone out there using this on a Mac? I got an email about it not working with Chrome for Mac and I don't have the means of testing it myself. Anyone notice problems with it?

Posted Tue Mar 16 2010 12:25p by cnann***

Sounds good, thanks for doing that.

The API is getting hammered pretty bad, since we now have over 400 users (according to your extension page on hitting it every minute, but at least the requests your sending are fairly simple ones.

It's ok though, we've been wanting to spin off the API onto its own server anyways, this is just upping the priority for that.

Posted Tue Mar 16 2010 2:52p by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

Hey All,

ClickyChrome v1.1 was published earlier tonight, so you should be auto-upgraded soon, if not already.

New Features:
- Visitors Online counter adjusts refresh rate according to browser’s idle time to give Clicky’s API a little relief
-Better form validation to prevent ID and Key entry errors
-Five badge color options
-Added data wipe option if you are having problems and would like to just start fresh without having to reinstall

Ironically enough, there seems to be a bug with the latest dev build of Chrome that dropped earlier tonight - 5.0.342.5, that does not properly render checkboxes or radio buttons. All of a sudden after I updated Chrome the checkboxes in my Gmail inbox disappeared, and I couldn't see the badge color radio buttons on ClikyChrome's options page - they both seem to decide when they want to appear.

So, if you're on Chrome's dev channel, you might not be able to change the badge color, but the beta channel of Chrome is fine. I assume there will be an update released soon that takes care of the dev weirdness.

Also, if you've installed ClickyChrome on Chrome for Mac, please email me and let me know if it works ok - cnanney at gmail.

Posted Wed Mar 17 2010 11:25p by cnann***

Nice work, I like the badge color options. I think blue stands out a little nicer against the icon than the default red does.

Posted Thu Mar 18 2010 12:44a by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

I pushed another update today - I had accidentally turned off validation on the name field, which could cause problems with the extension. Also fixed a potential bug if someone edited info for the currently active site. Also threw in links back to Clicky for visitors and actions for good measure.

Now that I'm comfortable with its stability and resistance to user error, I'm gonna let it rest for a little bit. In the next few weeks I'll start playing with adding visitor and content snapshots, and if anyone has suggestions or ideas, let me know - cnanney at gmail, and of course let me know of any issues you encounter.

I'm also curious if you can tell whether the idle refresh adjustments had a noticeable impact on API traffic?

Posted Thu Mar 18 2010 2:47p by cnann***

Yes I can see the difference on the API. Our API gets a ton of usage (over 30GB output a day) but hundreds of users hitting it every single minute from your plugin was definitely very noticeable in terms of total hits. I can see the difference although I have not quantified it :)

Posted Thu Mar 18 2010 6:59p by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

Hi folks. This extension was working fine. Now I seem to have stopped seeing the little number of visitors online notification. Using Clicky for Wordpress on the site. Just upgraded this - coincidence?

Posted Fri Apr 9 2010 3:30a by topaccount***


What OS, Chrome version are you running?

Posted Fri Apr 9 2010 9:18a by cnann***

topaccountants, joost did release a WP upgrade this morning. Are you "normal" stats (in the Clicky interface) still working?

Posted Fri Apr 9 2010 11:17a by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

Clicky Chrome Addon stops working. OS WIN7 Chrome version 5.0.375.125

whats happend?

Posted Mon Aug 9 2010 11:58p by EWOMA***

sorry - now i install new ClickyChrome - Version: 1.3.6 and it works fine

Posted Tue Aug 10 2010 12:01a by EWOMA***

Very Nice! Just uploaded today. Thank you.

Posted Fri Nov 26 2010 5:58p by ningmast***

Need for Firefox! Just switched back from the spying shitfucks of Chrome and could use it for Firefox.

Posted Fri Aug 3 2012 4:38p by dross2***

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