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Analytics for Clicky - Mac Menu Bar App

Hey guys,

I just wanted to let you know I just finished creating a small Mac OS X application for Clicky. It shows basic stats for the current day in a menu bar drop down and a live count of the number of online visitors on your site in the menu bar (refreshed every three minutes).

Let me know what you think and if there's any suggestions you may have.

If you'd like to list it on your Apps & Plugins page and need screenshots or anything, feel free to email me (

Posted Sun Nov 11 2012 10:54p by andrewmun***

I'd love to buy it, but the Buy modal window keeps prompting me to 'Enable cookies' after entering all details and click 'Buy' (Safari 6.0.2, Mountain Lion)

Posted Mon Nov 12 2012 8:07a by textop***

- bought it via Google Chrome, but you might want to investigate.

Posted Mon Nov 12 2012 8:08a by textop***

Thanks for letting me know-- I'll check it out on Safari and let Gumroad know since they handle the transactions. Let me know if you have any feedback :)

Posted Mon Nov 12 2012 8:36a by andrewmun***

This looks awesome - was just wishing the other day that there was a simple mac app on par with the windows one. When I have my wallet tomorrow, I'll definitly be buying it!


Posted Mon Nov 12 2012 10:08a by osceski***

Thanks for your support :) Let me know if there's any features you want to see included in the app!

Posted Mon Nov 12 2012 10:09a by andrewmun***

The live count number doesn't show for me. Was this coded for just two digits? ;) I only see ++ next to the pie graph icon. We have a popular website with currently over 650 online users.

Posted Tue Nov 13 2012 10:51a by textop***

Yeah, the "++" indicates there are over 99 visitors simultaneously. I don't currently have a site that has over 99 simultaneous viewers so I wasn't able to test out a version that displays 3 digits and resizes the menu bar icon accordingly.

I'll look into adding that in, and as long as you currently have version 1.2, you can check for updates in the Settings tab. I'll post a note on Twitter (@andrewmunsell), on the download page, and here when I get the update out.

Some things for the next version:
- Daily percentage changes, like in the web Clicky dashboard
- Live display for three-digit viewers

Posted Tue Nov 13 2012 10:55a by andrewmun***

I just updated the app with support for showing more than 99 online visitors. You can check for updates in the settings tab if you have v1.2 or higher, or download the new version from your download page.

Version 1.2.1 includes support for automatic update checking, displaying more than 99 online visitors in the menu bar, and showing the percentage of viewers that are new.

Posted Wed Nov 14 2012 11:44a by andrewmun***

Purchased today. Doesn't work...

Posted Tue Feb 12 2013 9:50a by weboxe***

Go ahead and send me an email ( and we can troubleshoot your issue. It's working for me, so the backend API seems to be working fine.

Posted Tue Feb 12 2013 9:51a by andrewmun***

Edit: I sorted this out with the Andrew. The app is working fine and I recommend it to every Clicky user who own a mac :)

Some suggestions for the next version:
- Change the app name, icon and menu bar icon
- Possibility to add more than 1 site
- Sound notification for new visitor with Off/on

Posted Tue Feb 12 2013 10:53a by weboxe***

Hiya, Picked this up just now and it's rather lovely, some useful stats just a click away and a great look.

I'd also love to be able to be able to add a second site, maybe switch with a tab. That would make this almost perfect, at the moment I often find I may as well just use it to quickly open my Clicky browser view, as I like to see both while I'm looking.

I do really like it though!

Posted Wed Aug 28 2013 2:48p by owen***

owenb: Thanks for the feedback! I'll definitely look into supporting multiple sites.

Posted Wed Aug 28 2013 3:05p by andrewmun***

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