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Report on visitor paths

I'm trying to find the best way to accomplish a custom report like follows:

We want visibility on our funnels but because they span multiple domains, this can get frustrating. We're planning on using a dynamic campaign and custom goals to track when someone moves from one domain to the other from within a funnel. This should make it easy to track when someone visits the second domain as part of a funnel vs direct traffic.

Since we'll build a custom dashboard for reporting on the funnel, we need to pull data like follows:

1. # of visitors to a specific page (Easy)
2. # of visitors to a specific page that previously visited a different specific page (not so easy)
3. # of visitors who performed a specific action (Custom Goal) or arrived at a second domain (Also tracked in Clicky) through a dynamic Campaign (not so easy)

As long as the API can pull this information, we'll be able to generate a custom dashboard report for our full funnel across any of the sites/funnels we generate.

What's the suggested means of grabbing that information using the API?

I do have experience working with API's so feel free to unload on me.

Thanks in advance!


Posted Thu Sep 4 2014 9:19a by craigfi***

My company also needs to collect visitor information on a per page basis instead of a site wide basis using the API so we can compose our own reporting for our blog authors on specific posts. It doesn't appear to me that the current API supports this but then maybe the documentation for the API is just lacking in explaining how I would generate an API request that would return page specific visitor information. I see how to get the information by directly accessing a Clicky URL so internally Clicky must have the means for extracting page specific visitor information. Can anybody show me how to get a page specific visitor information using the Clicky API?

Posted Thu Mar 26 2015 9:07a by chip***

If anyone wants to contact me with informaiton on this topic I can be reached by email at

Posted Thu Mar 26 2015 9:09a by chip***

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