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Number of visits for a visitor


On the Visitor Detail view there is a field called "Visits" indicating the number of times a visitor has visited the site.

It's not available using type=visitors-list. I would like it to be. How can I get this number from the API?


Posted Tue Aug 9 2011 5:57a by oloft***

Agree it should be in the API, there's a few other things that we need to add in there too.

Posted Wed Aug 10 2011 11:58p by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

and? actualy this reply too short and not informed about "few other things?"

Posted Tue Nov 15 2011 12:53a by transm***

Yes, this would save us a ton of API calls. If you could include the count of previous visits together with the date of the first visit in the API response that would be a huge time and resource saver. Do you have a time frame for getting this in production?

/ Olof

Posted Mon Dec 12 2011 3:05a by oloft***

Just added two new keys, total_visits (what you want) and first_visit, which contains the unixtime and session_id of the person's first visit. This isn't in CSV output though... it's hard to add stuff to CSV since we have to append columns on the end so we don't break people's auto parsers which makes things very unorganized. We only change CSV output when we release a new version of the API (e.g. at a new URL). I don't know the next time that will be.

Posted Mon Dec 19 2011 5:08p by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

Awesome! Thanks!

Posted Mon Jan 2 2012 2:40a by oloft***

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