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Simple Python interface for Clicky API

Finally, an easy to use yet powerful analytics API! Very glad I found Clicky. Here's my small contribution, a simple Python interface for making requests to the Clicky API.

Posted Sat Oct 29 2011 3:28p by detou***

Cool, thanks. Yes, most APIs are cumbersome and annoying. One of my goals was to make it dead simple, and not require POST. Nothing makes me angrier than APIs that require POSTing queries to them.

Posted Sun Oct 30 2011 6:16p by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

How do I post a simple goal to Clicky via Python? The API documentation here is horrible.. :( Where is the Rest documentation for posting new events to Clicky?

Posted Sun Apr 14 2013 6:42p by yoder***

@yoderm This library isn't designed to do that but I believe the documentation you're looking for is here:
I would recommend using the requests library to make the call.

Posted Mon Apr 15 2013 12:14p by detou***

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