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Page views per page with API

I know this should be simple, but didn't see a way to do it from the documentation. I want to know how many page views an individual page on my site has received. For instance, if the site is:

What would the API string look like to find out how many page views this-is-a-test has received?


Posted Sun Feb 20 2011 12:27p by graffit***

I'm also interested in this, though admittedly I haven't looked into the API extensively yet.

Posted Sun Feb 20 2011 4:31p by deviath***

Use the "item" parameter to specify the item you are interested in.


That would return just the views for that one page for today. If you wanted to see daily data for the last 30 days for example, you could tack on &date=last-30-days&daily=1 to the end.

Posted Sun Feb 20 2011 6:56p by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

Sorry, that should be type=pages not types=...

Posted Sun Feb 20 2011 6:56p by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

How would this API call look if I wanted the complete historical number of pageviews since the page was first tracked by Clicky? I can't find a date option like 'Forever' or 'Unlimited'. I'd like to output the total cumulative number of pageviews with every article (cached of course and updated every two hours for fresh articles and once a day for older articles).

Posted Thu Apr 14 2011 5:30p by textop***

This question was also asked in this discussion, but unfortunately not answered (yet):

Posted Thu Apr 14 2011 5:32p by textop***

We don't have an option like that. The biggest date range you can do at once is 2 years so you could do ...&date=last-730-days

Posted Sat Apr 16 2011 1:41p by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

I don't understand this at all. Where I'm supposed to put that? Onto the end of a clicky url in my browser?

Posted Tue Jun 4 2013 9:06a by ***

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