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Solution to 'most popular' request!

I have seen a few requests for a way to extract the most popular visitors number or to alert when a spike occurs. The API doesnt quite do it, but I needed this too, so I have written a PHP script which should be easy to install to help people. Hope you find this useful.

I use it on a page with an ajax reload so I can sort of spot a spike...

It looks at the hourly stats from the API then searches for the largest figure, displaying it, and the hour in which it occurred.

Which on its own is useful for an overview
The link it sends back will send you to the array directly

Posted Thu Mar 29 2012 4:28a by bulliva***

Hi Bullivant,

thanks a lot for this useful tool.
Could you please tell me more on how to implement it.
Should I insert it in every pages on my website ? and wherein the page code ?


Posted Thu Mar 29 2012 4:56a by refdami***

you can insert it where you like - the top part is the php function - which could insert as a seperate file.
then just call the function as per the second part with your site id and key.

You could use it on any page you want to display a report of the most popular hour of the current day, like a management dashboard

Posted Thu Mar 29 2012 5:40a by bulliva***

Hi Bullivant,

Can you provide a website example of where something like this was implemented?

Posted Tue Jul 10 2012 12:47p by adHereL***

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Posted Sun Nov 11 2012 7:04a by Sunil***

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