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API 'href' param not working exactly

So I'm using the API to track a couple events that I'm logging using javascript.

I'm logging these events by calling


I've found that when I search using the API for these actions, like so:

curl ""

Where action_id is an action_id that doesn't exist yet, I end up getting results with other action_id's!!!

So for example, if I search for


I get results that have action_urls like


etc, which is not what I was searching for!!! Also, aaa has never been recorded, so I expect no results for this particular query.

Happy to provide API keys, sitekeys, etc to official Clicky folks so they can see the precise problem.

Thanks for the help.

Posted Fri Dec 14 2012 2:07p by savra***

Any help?

Posted Mon Dec 17 2012 2:01p by savra***

Hi, looks like a bug. It's strange, when filtering via the web site UI, if you specify an invalid page then it returns nothing. But in the API it looks like if the URL does not exist then it just ignores it as if it was not specified. I've put this on our bug tracker.

Posted Mon Dec 17 2012 2:56p by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

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