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Tracking redirecting landing pages

I have a URL on my page of type, which redirects you to a page for today. Thought is that people can use this for bookmarks and such.

However, since this redirect happens server-side, I'm not able to see who actually uses this link. The Clicky tracking happens first when the script loads on the final page.

From what I can understand, this is possible to log server-side: "For example, many sites use internal redirects for outbound links. Because these internal redirects do nothing but "redirect", a full HTML page is never actually loaded on your web site, so our tracking code can't load and execute. But now, you can log data internally from that redirect script before sending the user on their merry way. This may introduce a slight delay in the redirect, but the benefit should outweigh the cost for most web sites."

But how should a call like that look exactly?

- I assume I use the URL for the link, /today
- I assume I get IP, user agent and referrer from $_SERVER?
- But what should one use for title and type? Should I make up a title, or can it be left blank? Is the type a pageview, click, or?

Posted Mon Jul 7 2014 6:40am by Svish

Use the example code given a bit below that paragraph you quoted ;)

You should make up a title, I would call it "Redirect for Today" or something similar so it is descriptive on what the user did.

I would classify it as a pageview as it really doesn't fit anything else, at least to my standards. They are technically viewing a page that is redirecting them.

Posted Mon Jul 7 2014 6:55am by ringo64

What is the definition of a "click" action anyways?

Posted Mon Jul 7 2014 7:01am by Svish

My definition of a click would be the act of "click"-ing a link, button, ad, etc...

Posted Mon Jul 7 2014 1:04pm by ringo64

But what cases would I use that instead of pageview, download or outbound? What else is there?

Posted Mon Jul 7 2014 1:16pm by Svish

That link, button or whatever could be opening a modal, submitting a form, etc... Granted for submitting a form, a goal is more ample than a click but same premise. There are other action items for a "click", where to use it is really up to you and to remain consistent.

Posted Tue Jul 8 2014 4:58am by ringo64

Right. Well, that does clear things up a bit and how to track the redirect page sounds reasonable. Will look into getting that implemented. Thanks! :)

Posted Thu Jul 10 2014 3:20am by Svish

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