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Multiple months

I'm trying to return several months of data, separated by month.
This doesn't work. What am I missing?,2015-08&output=json&json_callback=test

Posted Fri Aug 21 2015 6:39p by wiser***


You can use &date= to specify one year (YYYY), one month (YYYY-MM), or a specific date (YYYY-MM-DD).

The date range can only specified in terms of specifc start date to specific end date (YYYY-MM-DD,YYYY-MM-DD).

The API call you made above intending to specify start month and end month (&date=2015-07,2015-08) is not supported and so clicky defaults to TODAY.

There is not an API call I am aware of that will return monthly tallies. It seems like the choices are:

(default) .. one single number representing the total tally for the specified date range
&daily .. daily tallies across the specified date range
&hourly .. hourly tallies for each date across the specified date range


Posted Sun Aug 30 2015 9:36a by edyod***

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