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API Request from All Sites


Is there way to combine all the site IDs and site keys (maybe comma separate) like we do with type.

I'm in the process of building a small analytical application that pulls the data from Clicky, but I've for 9 different sites in 2 regions so being able to pull Sites 1-4 from Region A and then a separate request to pull Sites 5-9 from Region B would be fantastic.

Is this possible?

Ideal API Call:,id2,id3,id4&sitekey=key1,key2,key3,key4&type=goals&filter=GOAL+NAME

Posted Mon Feb 3 2014 3:35a by basketsga***

One of our biggest feature requests has been to be able to view the analytics reports for all sites (or a specific group of sites) at once. This request is similar to that, well at least in terms of the reason why it's not possible. All of the backend code that grabs data for sites was originally designed for a single site ID at a time. Supporting multiple sites would require a massive rewrite of the code. Long term we'd love to offer it but right now it's not possible.

Posted Mon Feb 3 2014 1:10p by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

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