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Retrieving stats for all sites under a single account

Is there a way to retrieve simple stats (visits, goals, etc.) in one API call for all sites under a certain account? The aggregate view in the dashboard is really great but it would also be great to pull those stats without having to loop and make separate calls for each website...

Posted Sat Dec 17 2011 1:33pm by joebnd

No... the API is limited to one site per request. You can request multiple data types with each call, but only for one site.

Posted Sat Dec 17 2011 9pm by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

Its fairly simple with a bit of PHP to do the multiple calls and add up the results. Shame clicky dont give the option, because the dashboard certainly includes a Total of all sites, mayby the admin can impart how that is collated?

Posted Wed Mar 28 2012 9:08am by bullivant-DELETED

We support a number of sites and also created a data visualization module that expands on what GetClicky graphing provides.

We have an admin panel that allows us to select one|multiple|all sites and start|end date stamp.
The PHP script calls a SQL table that contains all the key parameters to access any site

One simple stat output is visitors and the database stores the GetClicky API script to get the result in JSON.
A pull down menu of API Scripts configured to select stats make the admin panel very useful.

Output is used by data visualization package.

Posted Wed Apr 11 2012 11:27am by michaelmnty-DELETED

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