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Getting filtered data

Hi, I have a question about calling the API for data. When using the clicky UI I can pull up the visitors report with a PAGE URL filter applied which shows items filtered by page. Then inspecting the page to see how it works, I see that this ajax call brings in the data for the searches section:,2013-03-19&type=searches&filters[href]=/job/2682/view/&limit=10&div=more_data2

I was wondering how the filtering works for this call. The url params are "filters[href]=/job/2682/view/" which doesn't seem possible with the API.

What I want it call the API and filter down the search list by url, ie. type=searches&filters[href]=/job/2682/view/

Is this possible with the API? I only see a "filter" option and if I try to use the above scheme it doesn't seem to filter at all.

Posted Tue Mar 19 2013 3:03p by bkeog***

I figured it out...segmentation!

Posted Tue Mar 19 2013 3:12p by bkeog***

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