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request new unique id/user session when different user logs in at same ip

whenever a new user logs into our system on the same pc, clicky still sees that user as the last user, and logs all their activity under the prior/initial user.

how can we programmatically request that when a new user logs in from the same ip address, we need a new unique id and session cookie? we're setting all the data for the custom session to the current user, to no avail.

looking forward to your response.


Posted Thu Mar 22 2012 1:29a by sublimelear***

I'd look at recording the user when they log in as a visitor tag. Only way I can think of since everything is recorded by IP that you could differentiate between 2 different users on the same IP. Set a different visitor tag for each user and change it on their login session of your site.

Just my guess on a way to go about it.

Posted Thu Mar 22 2012 12:57p by ringo***

if by 'visitor tag' you mean setting a different username, this still does not correct the issue: the _jsuid cookie retains the original user id, so all activity still gets recorded as the original visitor in clicky, only with different values for custom data (including username), which is how we noticed this issue in the first place.

i could delete the existing uid cookies upon logout, but when that user returns to the system, clicky will see them as a completely new user (since they will be issued a completely new user id), so there will be a disconnect from their prior session(s).

what i really want is to associate my unique id with clicky's unique id, but i'm sure that is outside of the realm of feasibility: clicky unique id's seem to be unique not by client (me), but via the overall system. short of that, even if it would recognize username and associate it with a prior unique id, that would work just fine.

look forward to further discussion on this.


Posted Fri Mar 23 2012 10:41a by sublimelear***

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