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Custom Alerts

Hi there,

Love Clicky btw.

I have a small question.
There is in the spy a default alert wich I can switch on and off. This is the new visitor.

Now I've created a new alert. This alert should go off whenever the goal is reached.
But this doesn't work.

In the spy there is no extra alert wich I can switch on or off.
And the alert never sounds. Even when I see a goal is reached.

Posted Fri Nov 4 2011 2:48am by stickerland

In Spy the only alert you can toggle "live" is the new visitor alert. Other alerts must be managed on the alerts page itself. But if you have alerts setup they should trigger within Spy as well.

Posted Fri Nov 4 2011 10:17am by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

Thank you for your answer.
But the alert is not triggert. Tried some other settings... None of them work with goals.

Posted Fri Nov 4 2011 2:36pm by stickerland

Just tried it with different settings. The alert is triggert. But only to send it to my Ipad as a push notification.
I just want it to give a sound notification in my webbrowser.... but that doesn't work...

Posted Sun Nov 6 2011 2:37am by stickerland

Still no go.
I did setup another goal. A destinationpage goal.
And I did setup a alert for that goal.
Works like a charm.

But when I do the same for my dynamic goal (checkout_success.php with the revenue in it) the alert does not sound...

Posted Tue Nov 22 2011 4:46am by stickerland

Ah, yes I don't think dynamic goals trigger alerts in Spy, if I recall. There was some challenge to making that work.

Posted Tue Nov 22 2011 8:55am by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

O no... ;(
Love the alerts.. but too bad they don't work with custom goals.

Posted Wed Nov 23 2011 3:03am by stickerland

I am having same issue. would be nice to get custom alerts working in Spy. I didn't receive email alert nor the notification bell.

Posted Fri Jun 26 2015 12:36pm by chovy

Hi, this thread is almost 4 years old. Alerts work with dynamic goals now.

Posted Sat Jun 27 2015 6:10pm by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

Email alerts work with dynamic goals?

Posted Wed Mar 22 2017 4:51pm by aircrafty

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