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Blocking IP still shows in list of visitors


I've set this IP to be blocked from being logged, but their visits are still being logged.

Please help.

Posted Tue May 15 2012 9:55a by policere***

Same problem on me.
I have tagged my home IP address before 1 year and today I saw that it become in visitors log.
What happend ?

Posted Tue May 15 2012 1:48p by brok***

same here and it’s really annoying.

Posted Wed May 16 2012 2:14a by sjfische***

Hi ,they make many wifi name with my family or friends name that show in wifi screen region
It's consider they know all of my password and username on
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Posted Thu May 17 2012 5:30a by Stri***

It can take a few hours for a new IP to get fully registered in the blocking system. Also when you add a new blocked IP it doesn't filter out past visits, only future ones.

Posted Fri May 18 2012 8:18p by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

Thanks for answer.
But my situation is diffrent. I add my home IP before more than year. I found it in statistic of just added site.
I mean:
1. Add new site (id:66586316)
2. After 5 minute I saw that i have 1 vistor online - check it and found that this is me (from blocked IP).
3. Now (1 week later) my visit is still visible on statistic.

Is it normal ?

Posted Sun May 20 2012 10:17a by brok***

Your historical visits will not be removed when you add an IP filter. It only affects future traffic.

Posted Mon May 21 2012 6:35p by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

Ok, I give up - you did not read me :(
I did not add new IP now - the IP is added before one year.
I add new site and see that IP is logged there.

Whatever ...

Posted Thu May 24 2012 9:53a by brok***

Ok I misunderstood but I get it now. We use tons of caching technologies to make the service as efficient as possible behind the scenes. The downside of this is whe you add a new site, it can take up to 2 hours for your existing IP tags/filters to be applied to that new site. Likewise, adding a new tag/filter for a site can take up to 2 hours to take effect on new visits by that IP address or UID.

By this point in time your IP should no longer be getting logged to your site.

Posted Thu May 24 2012 11:43a by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

Where do I find the list of visitors that I have blocked?

Posted Thu Jan 12 2017 10a by warrengen***

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