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Goal Funnels

Is there anyway to setup goal funnels where a previous goal is the required funnel for another goal?

For instance if I have these steps:
1. User creates a free account and is sent to our billing processor (getclicky tracks this goal as when a user goes to the billing websites "create a profile" page).

2. User returns from the billing page and successfully logs in.

I want 2 to be a funnel that requires 1 to have already happened. I don't see a way to set other goals as 'funnels'. Is this possible? If it isn't could this feature possibly be added?


Posted Wed Jun 13 2012 10:46a by cardi***

Agree with this, a funnel will be usefull. Since our site is an ecommerce site, we need to know how much people is passing the funnel step before the goal.
Ex. View Cart - Checkout - Complete (goal)

Integrate the funnel with Event will be more cool.
Ex. Add to Cart (OnClick clicky.log) - View Cart - Checkout - Complete (goal)

FYI, I already try another analytic that offering Funnel as their Main feature; but honestly I use Clicky (again) because of it's simplicity.

Posted Fri Jun 15 2012 6:30p by echothe***

I am also looking for the same feature with goal funnels. It can be useful not only for e-commerce web sites.
It is very useful to apply this feature to track a register account event.
For example the funnel could be:
1) open register page
2) checkbox with TOS
3) clicking the button "confirm registration"
4) clicking the link "confirm email address"
5) page "thank you for registration"

Sean, could you please add this goal funnels feature to your plans?
Thank you

Posted Sat Jul 13 2013 1:16a by ezon***


Is it possible to have "manual event" instead of URL/Campaign...
Like the manual goals?


Posted Wed Jun 11 2014 11:22a by ***

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