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Global spy page

Many of us have multiple domains in our accounts, would love to see a global s…
3 replies
Latest: Mar 10 2021 7:01pm


Hi, could you good folks please implement the ability to monitor port 5060. It…
5 replies
Latest: May 9 2017 2:29pm exclusion

Getting quite a bit of hits logged from this site, specifically: top10-…
4 replies
Latest: Feb 27 2017 7:21pm

Let us add Video title and description

In the media category it only lists the youtube url. Can you let us TAG the link…
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Latest: Feb 17 2017 1:04pm

Heat Mapping

It would be awesome to be able to incorporate some type of website heat mapping.
38 replies
Latest: Feb 10 2017 6:25pm

Exclude Google bot traffic

Hi, today we had 350 users which appear to be from Google. I guess they are bo…
38 replies
Latest: Jan 9 2017 1:58am

IPv6 support

Any updates on CLicky supportin Ipv6?
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Latest: Dec 8 2016 5:25am

group of filters / connecting filters

1. a group of filters would be nice. for example all mobile users using android…
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Latest: Dec 1 2016 12:37am

Put path analysis on steroids - show all paths on …

You are almost there ... you already have the data: each page as a node and ha…
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Latest: Nov 23 2016 1:23pm

optimize the javascript/video/html.js

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Latest: Nov 23 2016 11:50am


I currently run a self installed version of piwik, alongside clicky, and one…
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Latest: Nov 2 2016 4:21pm

Summarize all local Google versions

I'd love to be able to see, in Searches/Engines, a summary of visitors c…
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Latest: Oct 4 2016 8:42am

Improve dashboard for iPhone / mobile users

The dashboard is cut off when viewing on the iPhone. Right hand side…
4 replies
Latest: Jul 21 2016 1:09am

Joomla Plugin will have future issues..

Just wanted to let you know that the error reporting in Joomla throws out this e…
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Latest: Jun 29 2016 8:12pm

Option to strip trailing slashes for page URLs

Hello, We have had a little bit of an issue with Clicky seeing thes…
5 replies
Latest: Apr 13 2016 11:17pm

goal creating and managing

1. Please add a "Submit/Save and create new7next goal" button to the page …
3 replies
Latest: Mar 19 2016 12:06am

dashboard view: add "sort by" function

In the dashboard, there should be a function where I could choose to sort my l…
1 replies
Latest: Mar 17 2016 7:26am

Spy IP Feature Request

Hello... Currently, when clicking on "Spy" and then on an IP address…
4 replies
Latest: Mar 15 2016 4:09pm

User Real Engagement

More than 7 years ago there was a statistics service in Russia ( they were bou…
0 replies
Latest: Mar 15 2016 6:56am

Collapse browser version in Platforms/Web browse…

The list under Platforms / Web browsers is kind of annoyingly messy now becaus…
0 replies
Latest: Mar 11 2016 4:41am

Predict the number of visitors

I am missing the functionality in which Clicky predicts the number of visitors t…
3 replies
Latest: Mar 4 2016 12:59pm

Goals - Add More URLs to a funnel

Was windering whether I could add more URLs to a goal funnel. Currently there is…
15 replies
Latest: Mar 1 2016 5:14am

Better and Configurable Dashboard

I find it hard to believe that there is no option to have pageviews appear in yo…
1 replies
Latest: Feb 17 2016 7:08am

Need data, not graphs, and importantly Pagevie…

The move more and more by Clicky towards nice graphs and making actions importan…
1 replies
Latest: Feb 17 2016 7:04am

A disgrace...!!!!

I paid was 2 hours 2 hours counter is not connected Correct the …
5 replies
Latest: Feb 3 2016 10:06pm

IPv6 support

I'm having more and more visitors with IPv6 that are not tracked with Clicky …
6 replies
Latest: Jan 28 2016 1pm

Show peak concurrent site users

I'm looking for a way to guess how many concurrent users my site gets during …
4 replies
Latest: Dec 10 2015 2:09pm

WooCommerce Tracking

Marketshare is rissing please provide a WP plugin that tracks Woocommerce orders…
1 replies
Latest: Oct 9 2015 11:46pm


Is there a way to change the favicon to our company's favicon when using the w…
0 replies
Latest: Oct 6 2015 8:41am

Create Alert During Traffic Surge

There should be a way to create an alert when there is a big traffic surge. Thi…
5 replies
Latest: Sep 23 2015 6pm

You should notify people before you charge their a…

It would be nice if you notified people that their subscription will soon re-new…
3 replies
Latest: Sep 4 2015 8:19pm

Wifo or G3 / G4 ?

Hello, is it possible to see in Clicky if my visitors are using Wifi or a G3 …
2 replies
Latest: Jul 16 2015 4:16am

Goals (count/revenue) graph with compare to …

Hi This may have been requested already but it would be very us…
2 replies
Latest: Jul 11 2015 4:11pm

Traffic by Folder - like /blog/

Most websites have their pages logically grouped into folders. Clicky…
1 replies
Latest: Jul 4 2015 6:34am

User Management -- permission to tag

It would be great if sub users could be given the right to tag visitors, witho…
0 replies
Latest: Jun 17 2015 8:24am

Integrating GWT to give Keyword Search Results

Hi, I had an email from Statcounter (I used to use them but decid…
7 replies
Latest: Jun 15 2015 7:34am

Please consider removing / repositioning these -…

Please consider removing these to the BOTTOM of the login page: Hel…
4 replies
Latest: Jun 8 2015 3:49pm

Spy Map Too Big For Laptop Use

I'm using a couple of laptops but mostly a Chromebook and the map takes up the…
2 replies
Latest: May 22 2015 5:55pm

Big screen improvement

Hi, Big screen has a vertical scroll bar (in Chrome at least) e…
4 replies
Latest: May 13 2015 10:17pm

Spy: Time visited indicator on the right (lost…

Time spent per visitor indicator on the right. Lost of blue space there …
0 replies
Latest: Apr 16 2015 7:58am

Length of spy log limited to only 30 or so visits

I would appreciate it if the history of visits / page views could be set up to…
4 replies
Latest: Mar 31 2015 3:09pm

API enhancement to allow aquiring per page visitor…

My company needs to collect visitor information on a per page basis instead of a…
0 replies
Latest: Mar 26 2015 9:14am

Clicky JS code is not resilient enough for Adblock…

Dear Clicky developers, Lately, we received an email from a user …
4 replies
Latest: Feb 4 2015 8:14am

Ability to categorize sites

It would be nice if we could organize sites into categories. I have …
8 replies
Latest: Jan 30 2015 1:56am

Goal conversion ratio in Homepage/Dashboard

I was looking for a solution to see all the conversions & general conversion r…
0 replies
Latest: Jan 22 2015 2:16pm

Tracking with GetResponse

Hi, I use GetResponse email marketing, which have their own open …
1 replies
Latest: Dec 9 2014 10:05pm

Most Users Online

It would be nice to be able to see when the most users online was (how many…
1 replies
Latest: Oct 29 2014 5:30am

Ad full page width dashboard modules

I would like to have the Content and Links modules of the dashboard fill the ent…
1 replies
Latest: Oct 27 2014 10:07pm

Pie Graphs for QUick Overview

Sometimes I am looking at stats like screen resolution for example and I can't…
1 replies
Latest: Oct 19 2014 6:31am

Alerts for logged events

Hi, would be possible to extend alerts to track also specific event…
2 replies
Latest: Oct 7 2014 11:16pm

Clicky has a problem with "advertising"

Starting on July 3, I started to receive a few visitors attributed to the "A…
1 replies
Latest: Sep 24 2014 11:06am

Clicky has a problem with "advertising"

Starting on July 3, I started to receive a few visitors attributed to the "A…
0 replies
Latest: Sep 24 2014 10:51am

Looking for list of top domain traffic sources, …

I would love it if Clicky offered a report or graph that tells me my top traffic…
99 replies
Latest: Sep 19 2014 9:52pm

MailChimp integration?

Hi guys, It'd be awesome to have a graph of our email newsletter …
99 replies
Latest: Sep 19 2014 9:51pm

Get "Unique ID"

Hi! It would be very helpful do get the Clicky "Unique ID" alre…
99 replies
Latest: Sep 19 2014 9:51pm

Mac OS X Version Breakdown

It would be way awesome to have Mac OS X statistics broken down by major version…
1 replies
Latest: Sep 8 2014 11:25am

the links underlined text is difficult to read

please remove the underline from links in the dashboard/reports or include an …
1 replies
Latest: Sep 8 2014 5:05am

Average Actions by Daytime

Hi, I can't find any tool that gives me the actions in a graph by dayti…
3 replies
Latest: Sep 6 2014 1:05pm

Filter on mirror sites

Hello, Is there a possibility to filter my visitors on the differen…
3 replies
Latest: Jul 30 2014 1:32pm

Show Organization instead of IP on Spy Page

I think it will be more beneficial to customers to see the organization name on …
3 replies
Latest: Jul 3 2014 7:43am

attention minute by unworthy

This is very interesting…
5 replies
Latest: Jul 1 2014 10:06pm

Goal Funnels

Is there anyway to setup goal funnels where a previous goal is the required funn…
3 replies
Latest: Jun 11 2014 11:22am

Dynamic IP

Would it be possible to add Dynamic IP to IP tags & filters? Example would b…
4 replies
Latest: Jun 1 2014 3:14am

Response Time for Uptime Monitoring

So i like the integrated feature of uptime monitoring with Clicky, saves money…
0 replies
Latest: May 2 2014 7:02am

Tool tip Country Flag

Hi, It would be great when we mouse over a person country (in the…
4 replies
Latest: May 1 2014 7:39am

Overall totals across all domains

I'm a new user, just getting used to Clicky, so not sure if this is possib…
2 replies
Latest: Apr 21 2014 11am

Ignore list for referrers

Our top referrers are our own sites, which make it hard to see real ones. It w…
1 replies
Latest: Apr 21 2014 5:36am

Page load time

It would be nice to know how long it takes a page to load or the bandwidth of a …
15 replies
Latest: Mar 20 2014 12:55pm

Big Screen No Password Required

Can you allow us to load Big Screen without needing a password? For example by…
4 replies
Latest: Feb 17 2014 12:42pm

An actual 'private' link for guest access

Hi everyone. I just signed up for a trial to test the waters, and plan on sign…
5 replies
Latest: Feb 17 2014 11:27am


Is there any chance that Clicky could implement something like Google Analytics…
5 replies
Latest: Feb 9 2014 11:06am

IP tags and filters, multiple IPs

I understand that wildcards are not supported when setting up exclusions for tra…
4 replies
Latest: Feb 8 2014 11:58am

Widget to display page visits on the web page itse…

There are a million ways to do this already with WP plugins and other stat count…
0 replies
Latest: Jan 23 2014 7:57pm

Preference to Disable Heatmaps

It would sure be nice to have a preference to disable heatmaps if we're not us…
4 replies
Latest: Jan 17 2014 10:33pm

Page Not Found Alert & Log

Hi, I note from the content log that there are some dead links on my s…
3 replies
Latest: Jan 10 2014 3:20am

Disable dashboard fixed menu when scrolling

When looking at stats, the menu is stuck at the top in a fixed position when s…
0 replies
Latest: Jan 9 2014 9:42pm

Briefer SMS message for site down

I have alerts set up for site down. When the alert goes out to SMS, it is the …
1 replies
Latest: Jan 7 2014 5:31pm

Add a year drop-down/select box menu in the date…

Just a minor request. Could you consider adding a year dropdown/select box to …
1 replies
Latest: Jan 4 2014 2:02pm

Social increases

An additional metric for Twitter that would be useful would be increase/decrea…
0 replies
Latest: Jan 2 2014 6:27am

search position in visitors log

Hi, in the Spy view I can see from which organic position the google-user came…
3 replies
Latest: Dec 11 2013 6:19am

Response time tracking

Hi, I love the "uptime" feature for tracking any downtime. Ho…
0 replies
Latest: Dec 10 2013 6:15am

Total stats for several sites in account

Currently I am tracking 4 sites through clicky under one account. I would love t…
3 replies
Latest: Dec 1 2013 11:11am

Folders please!

Hello, it would be AWESOME if you can add a feature that allows us …
10 replies
Latest: Dec 1 2013 11:09am

Don't show with guest from china

I check my website in website alexa and my ranks in China very high. But in Glo…
3 replies
Latest: Nov 25 2013 1:18am

Sorting sites by yesterdays vistor count

In the dashboard view, I'd like to be able to sort all my sites not by today…
0 replies
Latest: Nov 2 2013 11:53pm

Dealing with [secure search]

The vast, vast majority of my Google search traffic is now "[secure search…
5 replies
Latest: Nov 1 2013 6:22am

Import or input data

We've recently migrated a site from Blogger to WP. The user was only using the…
1 replies
Latest: Oct 23 2013 5:25am

Alert when X concurrent visitors on my site

Hi Clicky team, it would be great if you could enable an alert that…
1 replies
Latest: Oct 20 2013 7:50am

Migrate iGoogle widget to igHome ( seems to be the iGoogle replacem…
2 replies
Latest: Oct 18 2013 4:42am

Hourly Bounce Rate and Time on Site

You have this feature for actions and visitors but not for time on site or bounc…
0 replies
Latest: Oct 10 2013 1:06am

Visitors Graph Should Stop at Current Time

It would be nice if the line graphs, particularly visitors were either a rolli…
1 replies
Latest: Sep 22 2013 11:11am

how about "nothing found" when searching forum…

When nothing comes up, how about "nothing found" or something Yes, …
0 replies
Latest: Aug 28 2013 7:06am

Video Recording

I'd like to see the option to track your visitors actual actions using video l…
6 replies
Latest: Aug 6 2013 12:52pm

Custom Variables

9 replies
Latest: Jul 28 2013 11:58pm

Summary for a Folder

Let's say you have a blog and you want to know how that blog is doing. Is it …
1 replies
Latest: Jul 26 2013 9:16pm

Sort to see "What's Kicking Butt?"

I really like being able to click on "Content" and see the pages of my site …
1 replies
Latest: Jul 24 2013 2:33pm

"Market Share" is Two Words

On this page…
4 replies
Latest: Jul 8 2013 7:50am

Option to ignore visits with header X-Purpose: p…

As explained in this article (…
2 replies
Latest: Jul 3 2013 11:11am

ShareThis API Integration

ShareThis has an API for sharing. Would it be possible to get this integrated in…
4 replies
Latest: Jun 25 2013 11:13am


Is there any way to hide the 'Clicky' button on my homepage of my blog (Tu…
2 replies
Latest: Jun 22 2013 10:10am