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Import or input data

We've recently migrated a site from Blogger to WP. The user was only using the Blogger stats, not analytics. So I have two questions.

Is it possible to import Blogger stats to Clicky?
If not, is it possible to input basic historical data manually for quick comparison?


Posted Tue Oct 22 2013 8:30a by NitrousCl***

Haven't worked with Blogger stats before but what you're trying to do is not available to Clicky (or many other analytics tools) on a basic user level due to the statistics may be incompatible and may not be that helpful as they track items differently and like all analytics tools have different standards to do so. Plus depending on how much data is there, importing will take a lot of effort and you'll lose statistics Clicky doesn't offer.

If this is something you really desire I would suggest emailing Clicky directly (as you will get a better response and not someone like me who doesn't work for them ;) ).

My personal opinion would be to use the Blogger stats as a reference while starting over with Clicky. As I have never worked with Blogger stats, you may find that the two are incomparable (as stated above). Right now for most of my sites I run 2-3 analytic tools to get a real feel for my traffic stats.

Posted Wed Oct 23 2013 5:25a by ringo***

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