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Total stats for several sites in account

Currently I am tracking 4 sites through clicky under one account. I would love to have some sort of global stats for these sites together. Is that possible?

thanks in advance, Martijn

Posted Mon Oct 26 2009 9:13a by martij***

The user homepage shows a summary of all your sites, but does not aggregate them together. We don't currently have a feature to aggregate all stats into one report. If you want to do something like that, for now I'd suggest using the API.

Posted Tue Oct 27 2009 3:27p by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

Four years later... Is this a feature that could be considered?

Posted Mon Nov 25 2013 3:08p by onlinesocialnet***

I'll be waiting for folders to be implemented - will be perfect for me.

Posted Sun Dec 1 2013 11:11a by Andy***

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