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Predict the number of visitors

I am missing the functionality in which Clicky predicts the number of visitors the website will score today, based on the number of visitors that have visited the website for so far today and a pattern of visitors in the history of the website.

This history has to go further than one week or so, maybe a number of months. This is a funcionality I'm also missing in todays dashboard: the trend (percentage of visitors, compared to the average number of visitors the last day, 7 days or so) can be compared against maximum 7 days. If it was a bad week, for example because of holiday seasons, I get a percentage of far above 100%.

Posted Mon Jan 5 2009 4:36a by bvanraa***

The algorithm to come up with a number for this is probably much harder to do than it appears at first glance, but it would be nice. The graphing library that Clicky uses probably doesn't support it, but it would be nice so show the current graph with a slightly grayed out alternate "today" point on it for the predicted number.

To come up with a prediction would require that the daily hour-by-hour traffic for the previous days and/or same days-of-the-week be looked at, and Clicky can't even show intraday data as it is.

Posted Tue Jan 6 2009 7:48a by mark***

This is an old post but still relevant (to me that is). I've had an account with another analytics provider which has this. It was not always accurate when peaks happend but overall just a nice feature to have.

Posted Fri Mar 4 2016 12:58p by rhoekm***

I put this extra comment here when some searches for regression analysis or regression analytics.

Posted Fri Mar 4 2016 12:59p by rhoekm***

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