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attention minute by unworthy

This is very interesting

And I think its worth implementing in clicky

Here;s another article on it

Posted Sun Jun 29 2014 2:32a by ryanfu***

It's a good idea, though the chartbeat method as described by gigaom sounds like a better implementation to me, at least as they explain it.

Presuming the analytics industry heads further in this direction -- and it probably will -- I think it's going to mean (even more) dire things for long-form text content. Though that is what it is, I suppose.

Posted Mon Jun 30 2014 5:44a by markseif***

We've been doing this since April 2010!

Posted Mon Jun 30 2014 1:06p by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

hi Admin, I'm aware that Clicky is doing this. But not exactly. Is there any way to combine report of bounce rate and click through rate for example?

Attention minute is combination of bounce rate, video played, etc etc. Its an engagement rate not bounce rate per se.

Posted Tue Jul 1 2014 12:07a by ryanfu***

Engagement rate would basically be ( 100 - bounce ), so if your bounce was 20% then your engagement would be 80%... since we take into account time on site and any actions that occur on a single page other than the initial page view, it's measuring the same thing.

Posted Tue Jul 1 2014 4:01p by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

I have to disagree. A person only reading would not be as "engaged" with the content vs someone reading and taking action, like buying, clicking, watching videos.

For example, a person might read everything on and you might say that he/she is engaged. But she's not really "engaged" with the content if she did not buy. There might be some missing features or benefits etc.

Maybe the word engaged is wrong.

But of course, clicky does not need to heed any of our request :) Attention minute is simply a metric that might or might not help publishers

Posted Tue Jul 1 2014 10:06p by ryanfu***

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