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Better and Configurable Dashboard

I find it hard to believe that there is no option to have pageviews appear in your "one shot" look at the site. There are quite a number of things I want to look at with a glance and not constantly be drilling down - - pageviews - total traffic by subdirectory/subdomain (not pages) - top search engine referrals (not "searches" where you have to drill down - etc. I'd prefer to set it up better or my own way. Right now you can call the system "clicky" because you're doing it too often! :D It's really nice but it does need some consolidation to make it more "at a glance" friendly.

Posted Thu Aug 18 2011 8:12pm by thelaw

I'm going to second this.

Posted Wed Feb 17 2016 7:08am by meronoid

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