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Folders please!


it would be AWESOME if you can add a feature that allows us to group websites within a specific folder, and the ability to expand/collapse that folder to see all the sites in it and their traffic.

I'm saying this because right now I have a couple clients sites, and a couple of my own sites. When I log onto clicky (I'm using the whitelabel version) I see all the sites mixed together.

I would like to be able to create a Clients folder, that I can expand if I want to see my clients' sites traffic.

Within my own sites I'd also like to create subfolders like "My finance sites", "My health sites", etc...

I'm pretty sure all your clients would love such a feature. It makes things neater and more organized.


Posted Fri Jan 18 2013 1:17p by avatar***

I am using a bookmark folder in my browser's bookmarks bar to do the same :)

Ivan A.

Posted Fri Jan 18 2013 1:22p by drkskwl***

How? I'm talking about having a windows explorer kind of view (you can expand/collapse folders and see all the sites within a specific folder at once). How can you do something like this with your browser's bookmarks?

Posted Fri Jan 18 2013 3:08p by avatar***

Amen to this idea. Any way to consolidate/group sites to look at combined totals would be AWESOME.

As an example a client of mine has 20 or so different sites, which cover different geographical areas. We would LOVE to be able to easily "group" these together in Clicky somehow to look at combined stats. It's all the same business, so even though it's 20 sites it would be nice to be able to effectively look at our traffic patterns for the whole business and not just site by site by site.

Posted Sat Jan 19 2013 12:01p by smath***


Posted Sat Jan 19 2013 12:26p by amc***

I love this idea.

Posted Mon Jan 21 2013 2:33a by 1jump***

Awesome suggestion. +1 from me.

It's a pin trying to manage different groupings of sites and having no way to see aggregated stats for a particular group.

Posted Mon Jan 21 2013 1:37p by Andy***

This is already on our todo list, grouping sites together. However if you want to view "total stats" for a group of sites, what we would offer would likely be no different from the "total" row you currently see on your user homepage - e.g. just a few basic things. Graphs etc aren't possible without a major rewrite of core code because the backend was never designed to deal with more than one site per request/report - except for what we've hacked together for the user homepage.

Posted Wed Jan 23 2013 12a by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

Another vote for grouping sites together. The dashboard is getting a mess.

Looking forward to the release of this feature :)

Posted Wed Mar 13 2013 7:14a by klickme***

+1 for site folders....even if we're not able to see total stats, it would be great.

Posted Tue Aug 13 2013 12:55p by belko0***

Another +1

This would be very useful for when you've got more than a couple of sites being tracked.

Posted Sun Dec 1 2013 11:09a by Andy***

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