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Most Users Online

It would be nice to be able to see when the most users online was (how many, time and date).

Allows us to see if we are constantly running near it or if it was the result of a sudden traffic spike from somewhere.

Posted Wed Oct 29 2014 4:02a by servertas***

In my opinion, think this would be a novelty item and not ideally helpful on it's own.

To see a "spike" you would really want to know what your average traffic is for that hour, which Clicky provides. Comparing against averages in this case is better as you can say I average 50 people at 9am but I got 73 today. With "most online" and the average, you can say that I average 50 people at 9am, I got 73 and my most online at 9am was 80.

Posted Wed Oct 29 2014 5:30a by ringo***

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