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A disgrace...!!!!

I paid was 2 hours 2 hours counter is not connected Correct the error event that is enough ...! Your tracking appears to be installed correctly If tracking still isn't working, verify you have registered the domain name correctly, or visit the help section to help resolve the issue.

Posted Sun Jan 31 2016 1:06pm by hasicibilisim

There is a problem in your counters ..!

Posted Sun Jan 31 2016 1:08pm by hasicibilisim

Is that english?

Posted Sun Jan 31 2016 7:26pm by gdemersenough

Take a breather, man. Everyone is here to help. Can you help us better understand the issue you are having?

Posted Mon Feb 1 2016 8:32am by webest

Hi hasicibilisim, everything is working now, I just looked at your account. When you re-upgrade your account it can take up to 2 hours for changes to take effect, so that was the case here.

Posted Mon Feb 1 2016 6:14pm by <b class=red>Your Friendly Clicky Admin</b>

Chill man, ever tried emailing Google with an issue on GA. As the folks said welcome to a community :)

Posted Wed Feb 3 2016 10:06pm by royalbigote

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