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Migrate iGoogle widget to igHome ( seems to be the iGoogle replacement when it goes off line. Their widgets are compatible to iGoogle, but the Clicky one is not 100%. I've copied the code from the source view, and pasted it in the igHome copy & paste widget, and although it works, it doesn't load since there's no client id question...

Would be nice to have this working for when Google pulls iGoogle.

Posted Thu Jan 31 2013 8:22a by Motorbi***

any news about igoogle widget migration/support on an igoogle alternative (ighome, netvibes, etc) when igoogle goes away ?

searched the knowledge base and all I see is discussion of the wordpress plug-in.

searched ighome and netvibes directories and no sign of a clicky widget.

will this capability persist on some platform after igoogle goes away?

Posted Sat Oct 12 2013 11:26a by edyod***

I reached out to Scott F who was the developer of the clicky widget for iGoogle. Scott told me he hasn't used iGoogle himself in a few years and so has no plans to port the clicky widget to another iGoogle replacement.

He also said that what he uses himself nowadays is the Clicky Monitor for Chrome (formerly called Clicky Chrome), which is listed under the Apps and Plugins page on the Clicky web site as Clicky Chrome.

Also noted that there is an Android widget now in beta testing. It is listed on the Apps and Plugins page as well, with a note that since it is still in beta we won't find it yet in the Google Play store. So the only available download is on the Clicky Apps and Plugins page for now.

Posted Fri Oct 18 2013 4:42a by edyod***

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