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Show peak concurrent site users

I'm looking for a way to guess how many concurrent users my site gets during "peak hours" and when those "peak hours" occur. I think clicky could possibly show this information because it does show the number of concurrent site visitors in the spy. I just don't know how to get a history of concurrent users. It would also be nice to have a report showing number of visitors per hour of day, or per hour of the week, for N days or N weeks. This would give a good idea of what our "peak times" are, if any.

Posted Mon Sep 28 2009 3pm by kashoo

Well we don't currently keep track of concurrent users online. It's quite intensive to calculate so we only do it when you're actually viewing your stats.

Posted Tue Sep 29 2009 1:19pm by <b class=red>Your Friendly Clicky Admin</b>

I agree that this would be really useful. It's something that isn't easy to track, so please, figure it out for us! :)

Posted Thu Feb 17 2011 9:57pm by smartvark

I would be happy with even an event/goal when a set number of concurrent visitors is online I get an email.

Posted Sat Sep 10 2011 11:06am by einstein999

Any updates about this suggestion?

Posted Thu Dec 10 2015 2:09pm by brunont

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