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Heat Mapping

It would be awesome to be able to incorporate some type of website heat mapping.

Posted Sat Mar 6 2010 7:08a by lefthand***

Yes, it would be different than google. Yey!

Posted Sat Mar 6 2010 10:05p by ivisitnew***

We keep getting requests for that but I'm not sure if we'll do it or not. In the meantime we highly recommend

Posted Sun Mar 7 2010 12:09p by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

Yeah is currently whom I use. Having the ability to compare clicky stats with heat mapping would take analytics to the next level.

Posted Mon Mar 8 2010 4:19a by lefthand*** is good too...

Posted Mon Mar 8 2010 1:45p by theticktr***

You guys should really consider adding heat maps because i'd rather have one piece of analytics code slowing my website loading speed rather than two.

Posted Sun Mar 14 2010 5:41p by baila***

I'd love heatmaps in Clicky!!! Make it happen please.

Posted Tue Mar 16 2010 1:59p by 1jump***

I would like to have a heat mapping option too. It would certainly help me out!

Posted Thu Apr 29 2010 1:04p by hanl***

I would also like this feature.

Posted Fri Apr 30 2010 9:11a by ahens***

I'm curious why this segment of the market is so pricey. I'd very happily pay clicky another $20 or so per month to get this as part of the package, but it's hard to justify based on the numbers I'm seeing out there from other providers.

For those of you who use heat mapping -- a) is it worth it? and b) any other recommendations besides crazyegg or clicktale?

In any case, I too would love to see clicky add this.

Posted Mon May 10 2010 4:35p by markseif***

ok ok people... we'll probably add it in the future. Don't have an ETA for you yet though but we have received enough feedback to indicate that this is important to a lot of you :)

Posted Mon May 10 2010 4:38p by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

I dont think I would say it is worth an additional $20 a month. It is nice to determine your hotspots (links) that people pick over another area. Its also helps gage successful placement of links or ADs. It something is not getting attention, you will notice it and it will let you reorganize the placement.

Posted Tue May 11 2010 5:50a by lefthand***

lefthandpgh -- before pricing it out I would have agreed with you, but look at the marketplace. Crazyegg for example -- it'd cost me $100/mo to map half the visits we get per month. Clicktale would cost $990/mo! Can't figure out what's holding those numbers up (except lack of competition so far, I suppose) but I'm not going to bite at anywhere near that. Clicky's collecting all my data anyway, I'd certainly pay a couple hundred bucks more or so per year to get this... that's the range where it starts to sound reasonable to me.

Posted Tue May 11 2010 7:43p by markseif***

It would be expensive for us to add it on. For this reason it would probably be Super Pro or higher only. Or maybe a separate add on. I dunno. There's a lot of things to consider before we implement it.

Posted Wed May 12 2010 1:33a by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

ezViz Office has a 'one-click Viz' button that will generate a heat map of your clicky web traffic.

Posted Tue Jul 13 2010 12:37p by ezvi***

Heatmap within Clicky would be awesome!

Posted Fri Aug 13 2010 10:27a by klickme***

I too would love heatmaps. Very nice feature to have!

Posted Thu Sep 30 2010 2:38p by hanl***

I would love this feature to

Posted Wed Jun 15 2011 2:47p by Doder***

any update on this? :)

Posted Tue Nov 15 2011 3:03p by HarryPot***

It's still on the drawing board.

Posted Wed Nov 16 2011 6:22p by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

Try for heat maps. Though crazy egg has way better visuals like scroll map and confetti. Reinvigorate is a great compliment to clicky.

Posted Fri Nov 25 2011 9:03p by markho***

Just noting i would love this feature in clicky. tried a lot of places and its not as useful without being able to integrate to my clicky stats. please make this happen <3

Posted Mon Nov 28 2011 8:13p by justindoc***

Is this idea going anywhere? I would love this! Definitely would upgrade to have this feature.

Posted Tue Jan 17 2012 4:59p by mchll98***

Yes, this is in progress. No ETA yet though.

Posted Mon Feb 6 2012 5:43p by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

Thanks Clicky team!

For now we patiently wait...

Posted Mon Mar 19 2012 1:42p by IzzyPalme***

this would be awesome. please keep me posted


Posted Tue May 8 2012 12:41p by gener***

Any update on this? I really want to use GetClicky instead of ClickTale and GA but can't put the case forward to do so in my organisation without click tracking and analysis...

Posted Wed May 16 2012 1:56a by steveburr***

Plus one vote for this feature.

Posted Thu Jun 14 2012 7:58p by tunar***


Posted Mon Jun 18 2012 6:29p by GeoffreyP***

I will confirm it is the next major feature we are releasing. Serious development time will be devoted towards it starting next week.

Posted Tue Jun 19 2012 6:09p by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

Just in time. I recently researched about 8 heatmapping websites with video recording (mouse movements, clicks) functionality and ofc Clicky is great as tracking app but those other features are tempting and cost about the same as Clicky. Which was surprising to be honest.
Would love to see newest and greatest Clicky version.

Posted Thu Jul 5 2012 9:52a by Horrp***

It's in development for the last 2 weeks already :)

Posted Thu Jul 5 2012 11:57a by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

Very happy to hear this. =)

Posted Mon Jul 16 2012 10:37a by justindoc***

I would rather the speed/slowness/unusable site issues were fixed first!

Posted Tue Jul 17 2012 2:21a by lesmo***

When will you offer scrollmap, overlay and confetti mapping like crazyegg does? Clicky is a way better deal and does more, but I would love to have those additional tracking features.

Posted Sat May 18 2013 1:06p by sdparqu***

Yes, scrollmaps and overlays would be fantastic!

Posted Thu Jul 11 2013 6:12p by medal***

This is really a great idea of starting scroll maps and overlays along with Heat mapping.One of my friend recommended me to take help of BBEX professionals ( for analysing my website visitors behavior by using Heat tracking technology .

Posted Wed Feb 3 2016 10:55p by peteryo***

All right ... to summarize: - I was unable to find any pricing on the site ... usually a sign of bill bills! - opens a Russian language page, that as far as Google can translate, is a domain registration site - no thanks! - page won't load ... times out ... not something I would feel secure with! - mmmm $175 to start ... again, no thanks! - the best offer I've seen 13 months (1 month free - 12 @ $9.99 paid annually - this is the one I will look into.

Posted Fri Feb 5 2016 6:41p by donw19***

While heat maps are great, without scroll maps, I have no idea which areas are irrelevant to my clients (especially important in long sales letters).

I am seriously thinking about jumping ship to crazyegg, only for this feature (paying for both services and having two scripts slowing down the site doesn't sound good to me).

Thanks guys!

Posted Fri Feb 10 2017 6:25p by mijae***

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