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Preference to Disable Heatmaps

It would sure be nice to have a preference to disable heatmaps if we're not using them. Otherwise they add a bunch of unused and unwanted form variables to the session as well as add approximately 0.5KB to *every* line in my raw server logs.

Posted Thu Dec 13 2012 8:08pm by DrFishFood

Hmm... are you referring to the cookie "_eventqueue" ? That's the only thing I can think of that would impact what is sent to your server. Otherwise heatmaps are all on our end.

You can disable them by unsetting your width/alignment settings in site prefs. Then just set them again when you want to track.

Posted Fri Dec 14 2012 12:01pm by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

Here's everything that shows up in my server log right after the user agent:


That's junk I just don't need to see if I'm not using heatmaps.

Posted Fri Dec 14 2012 4:28pm by DrFishFood

I'll try un-setting the site width/alignment settings like you suggest. Thanks.

Posted Fri Dec 14 2012 4:29pm by DrFishFood

I'm having this issue again. I don't use heatmaps and would prefer clicky not to add junk to my server's logs. I've unset the width/alignment settings in site prefs for my site, and there's still approximately 650+ characters of junk appended to every line of my server's raw logs.

Posted Fri Jan 17 2014 10:33pm by DrFishFood

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