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Ability to categorize sites

It would be nice if we could organize sites into categories. I have nearly 30 sites with Clicky at the moment and would love to be able to categorize them for better organization. If you have several sites in the same field or affiliate program, it'd be good to see how much traffic ALL of the sites in that industry received that day, week, month etc. Would make comparing the stats easier as well, instead of going through a list of 30, messing with all the tabs, searching for them in my list etc. Thanks

Posted Thu Jul 11 2013 1:18am by KarKan


Posted Thu Jul 11 2013 1:34pm by smathis

Any response from staff?

Posted Sat Jul 13 2013 2:31am by KarKan

+1 This would help loads.

Posted Sun Dec 1 2013 11:10am by AndyB

+1 from me too. I would kiss someone there if you added like a category actions too. Like 900 visits / 10 actions / etc for the group.

Posted Thu Jan 23 2014 3:04pm by gkepnick

Yes this would be great

Posted Thu Jan 23 2014 7:14pm by IDD

I've love to see this as well. I keep checking the forums every few months to see, and this is constantly a popular request. *crosses fingers*

Posted Fri Mar 7 2014 5:23am by AndyB

*crosses toes*

Posted Mon Mar 31 2014 12:48am by AndyB

This is still af feature we are wishing for. I do hav 500 sites + and are using different Clicky account - would be nice, if you would make a more professional blackend, supporting us with many sites. best regards.

Posted Fri Jan 30 2015 1:56am by theplant

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