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Show Organization instead of IP on Spy Page

I think it will be more beneficial to customers to see the organization name on the spy page as opposed to the IP address. This way they will know who is looking at their site instead of having to take another step in order to figure it out.

Posted Mon Dec 14 2009 6:22am by parallaxtech

I agree with this, and would love this to happen

Posted Mon Dec 14 2009 6:43am by mastermind

I agree too but the reason we don't is because the API for orgs and hostnames isn't nearly as optimized as the location API is. So implementing it within Spy would greatly increase the load of Spy - which is already a ridiculous amount.

Posted Mon Dec 14 2009 1:34pm by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

if you could enable a user-initiated query button next to the IP address on the spy page, your load would be far smaller and enable folks to answer the key question of who is there "now" while they are actively looking at the spy page.

Posted Thu Jul 3 2014 7:43am by swarwick

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